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Wise Mountable Drinker – 3 Gallon Poultry & Game Waterer

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BEC is excited to introduce the brand-new Wise Drinker. We have designed this wall-mounted drinker following demand from our customers for an innovative drinker that will make life easier for all poultry and game keepers and will help minimize/prevent contamination from wild birds and pests. A fantastic drinker to help protect your birds from bird flu (avian influenza) and other diseases.

Key Benefits:

  • Wall-Mounted Drinker
  • Easy Access Drinker – With a raised drinker reservoir, access to the drinker is much easier for birds, leading to them drinking more often.
  • Safe Clean Water – The raised drinker prevents contamination from wild birds and rodents accessing the water.
  • Rain cover prevents contamination from falling debris and wild bird droppings, helping to reduce the risks of bird flu (avian influenza) and other diseases.
  • The rain cover will also help keep the water cool, making it more palatable for the birds.
  • The cover and design greatly improve the efficiency of medicated water by providing protection from UV light, which destroys the active ingredients. 
  • Reflective area on the front of the drinker shows the movement of water, encouraging birds to drink.
  • The main surface area of the drinker exterior is matte to reduce stress for timid birds.
  • Easy access for cleaning.
  • Versatile Drinker – Suitable for all breeds of poultry and game birds.
  • Inlet design prevents backflow of water into the tank from the drinker bowl.
  • Easy Fill – The cap is angled to assist refilling.

Brand: BEC


Material: Plastic


Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (11 in) x W (21.7 in) x H (14.2 in)


Weight: 5 lb


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Well made and exactly what i wanted

Thank you for the review - The Hatching Time Team

Finally a solution that doesn't leak!

I've been using two of these for about a month, and I'm very happy. This is definitely the first waterer I've ever had that didn't leak and didn't get disgusting. As long as you make sure the seals are carefully aligned when you first install, there are no leak problems. Super easy to install. Stay way cleaner than anything else I've used. I have about 40 birds per pen using these.
I would love a version with clear plastic on top so I can see how much water is in the tank. I think this would also help the chickens be able to see the water more easily. I would also love a slightly larger version So I didn't have to fill as often.

Thank you for the review and feedback. The Hatching Time Team

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