Quail Brooder vs Chick Brooder


What is the difference between the two brooder sizes? 9.5", 15"?

H:9.5" and H:15" refer to the internal height of each layer. Our shorter 9.5" brooder is good for smaller birds like quail. The taller brooder is good for all birds.

For small quail and small breeds of chickens like bantams, we recommend the 9.5" brooders since the heater is closer and provides a more optimal experience.

Do you use a heat lamp or brooder plate?

Nope! That's what is so cool about our chick brooders. Each level in the stack has its own self-regulated space heater. These space heaters provide optimal heat distribution while allowing enough space for your birds to roam freely without suffering from being too cold or too hot.

Can I raise chickens in the shorter brooder for game birds?

Yes, absolutely! The shorter brooder are 9.5" tall on the inside (not including heater). We recommend smaller chicken breeds. Further, this is a great solution for those that only need heat for a week or two.

Why should I spend the money on this?

A tub and heat lamp work great for most. We aren't here to tell you otherwise.

We are here for people looking for a more semi-automatic way of rearing chicks. With the refillable tank above, it provides fresh water to each level. Plus, the external feeders save a lot of feed loss and are easy to fill. Then you have cleanup. Power-wash it all down and you are ready for the next brood.