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Indulge your feathered friends in the goodness of Happy Tract™, the ultimate treat for promoting digestive health in your flock. Crafted with care, this wholesome snack is packed with a powerhouse blend of natural ingredients designed to keep your chickens chirping with vitality.

Happy Tract™ boasts a unique formula featuring a harmonious combination of oregano, cinnamon, and thyme essential oils, renowned for their digestive benefits. These essential oils work in tandem with prebiotics to support a healthy gut environment, ensuring optimal digestion for your flock.

But that's not all! This nutritious blend also includes multi-grains, cracked corn, and sunflower seeds, providing a variety of textures and flavors to tantalize your chickens' taste buds. Whether they're pecking away in the coop or enjoying a leisurely stroll in the yard, Happy Tract™ makes for the perfect daily snack to keep your flock happy and healthy.

Treat your feathered companions to the goodness they deserve with Happy Tract™. Elevate their snack time routine and nurture their digestive health with every delightful bite.

  • Digestive Wellness: Happy Tract™ is packed with oregano, cinnamon, and thyme oils, known for their digestive benefits, ensuring your chickens maintain optimal gut health.
  • Prebiotic Support: With added prebiotics, this snack fosters a healthy gut environment, promoting efficient digestion and nutrient absorption in your flock.
  • Nutrient-Rich Blend: Multi-grains, cracked corn, and sunflower seeds provide a variety of textures and essential nutrients, offering a well-rounded snack for your feathered companions.
  • Daily Indulgence: Treat your chickens to Happy Tract™ as a wholesome daily snack, keeping them satisfied and nourished with each delightful bite.
  • Trusted Quality: Crafted with care, Happy Tract™ is a reliable choice for promoting the well-being of your flock. Elevate their snack time and watch them thrive with vitality.

Brand: Strong Animals

Model: 4120-5

Material: Daily Snack Bite

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