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S (2-5 hens)

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Lodge Large (5-15 Hens): May 28


Refined over twenty years, our recycled plastic chicken coops are the embodiment of your flock's comfort and wellbeing. Our coops are purposefully designed to ensure an effortless cleaning experience while offering an unmatched longevity.

Each of our unique coop styles is available in three sizes to house between 2-15 hens, depending on their size. Our Small coop (accommodating 2 large hens, 3 medium size chickens or 5 bantams) comes equipped with a perch and a nesting box, while the Medium (housing 3 large hens, 5 Medium size chickens or 9 bantams) and Large (suitable for 5 large hens, 8 medium size or 12-15 bantams) models boast two perches and two nesting boxes each.

Our Lodge coops are conveniently elevated 8.9" above ground, and our Raised coops sit 17.7" off the ground, making them simpler to clean and collect eggs from. The additional space beneath the Lodge Raised coops can serve as a feeding area and offer your hens a safe haven during inclement weather.

Assured Comfort

Our coops feature adjustable ventilation and superior thermal insulation, ensuring a comfortable environment all year round. The gently curved perches provide a secure and restful night's sleep for your birds.

Easy Cleaning

Generously sized rear hatches, removable roofs, and easily detachable nesting boxes provide comprehensive access to the interior, making cleaning a breeze. Prioritizing your chickens' health, our coops are designed to enhance hygiene, promoting effortless regular cleaning.

Red Mite Resistant

Nestera coops have far less places for red mites to hide and reproduce, compared to wooden coops. Using recycled plastic for our chicken coops ensures cleaning is easy and complete eradication is possible. Red mite management can be a big issue for chicken keepers, but our customers find they no longer have problems with stubborn infestations.

Unbeatable Durability

Crafted from 3/8"-thick 100% recycled plastic, our coops not only reduce environmental impact but also offer an extended lifespan, outperforming any competitor. Offering superior weather resistance, our coops are UV-protected and built to last, which is why we confidently provide a 25-year guarantee! Rest assured, your chickens will remain dry and secure in their Nestera coop - no matter the weather.

Upgrade Your Coop

Have you explored our accessories range yet? We offer a detachable wheel set for hassle-free relocation of your coop, removable droppings trays for effortless cleaning, and automatic door openers so you can stay in bed while your chickens start their day!


Brand: Nestera

Material:  3/8"-Thick 100% Recycled Plastic

Dimensions & Weight

All Coop Dimensions



Ground (Small): 66 lbs
Ground (Medium): 87 lbs
Ground (Large): 110 lbs

Lodge (Small): 70 lbs
Lodge (Medium): 87 lbs
Lodge (Large): 119 lbs

Raised (Small): 79 lbs
Raised (Medium): 101 lbs
Raised (Large): 129 lbs

Support Documents

Assembly, Use & Care: 

Ground (Small): View

Ground (Medium): View

Ground (Large) View

Lodge (Small): View

Lodge (Medium): View

Lodge (Large) View

Raised (Small): View

Raised (Medium): View

Raised (Large) View


Warranty: 25 Years


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3 Models

Each Model Comes in 3 Sizes

Hatching Time Nestera. Large coop can be seen in image in grass. There are trees in the background. Coop has door open with automatic coop opener. Ramp is leading up to opening for easy chicken access. Nesting box is on side connected to chicken coop, with lifting door for easy egg access. Roof of coop is slanted to prevent roosting.


Hatching Time Nestera. Side view large  Lodge coop can be seen in image on grass. Coop has door open with automatic coop opener. Ramp is leading up to opening for easy chicken access. Roof of coop is slanted to prevent roosting.


Hatching Time Nestera. Large Raised coop can be seen in image on grass. Coop has door open with automatic coop opener. Ramp is leading up to opening for easy chicken access. Nesting box is on side connected to chicken coop, with lifting door for easy egg access. Roof of coop is slanted to prevent roosting.


Nestera Capacity Chart for Each Size of Coop


Are Nestera plastic chicken coops predator-proof?

We really think so! Nestera has not received a single report of a predator getting into one of their coops. Nestera's ‘chew-resistant’ coops are made from 100% recycled plastic which is really tough, and the ventilation holes are far too small for other animals. The rear door is lockable and the front door is reinforced with rotating metal slide, which makes it difficult to open by lifting, unlike classic vertical sliding doors.

Are Nestera plastic chicken coops red mite-proof?

Unfortunately, nothing is 100% red mite-proof. However, Nestera chicken coops are cleverly designed to be extremely red mite-resistant! Red mites are tiny and live in cracks and joints in poultry housing. Unlike wooden chicken coops, Nestera's chicken coops are made from well engineered recycled plastic that creates very few suitable places for red mite to hide. We recommend sprinkling Diatom powder around the coop when refreshing the bedding, so any mites present are quickly dealt with before they can multiply.

Do Nestera plastic chicken coops get cold in winter and/or hot in the summer?

The plastic we use is 100% recycled which works perfectly for chicken coops, even in extreme temperatures. In the winter months, the required ventilation means the temperature inside the coop will be similar to the ambient air temperature outside. However, chickens are quite tolerant of the cold as their feathers provide good insulation. During the summer months, our solid, UV-resistant roofs reflect the sun's heat really well, keeping your chickens cool and comfortable.

How many chickens can live in a Nestera plastic chicken coop?

For the standard range of these coops, there are three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

The Small is designed for up to 2 large birds, 3 medium hens or 5 bantams.

The Medium for up to 3 large birds, 5 medium size hens or 9 bantams.

The Large suits up to 5 large fowls, 6 medium size hens or 15 bantams.

Can I install an automatic door opener on a Nestera coop?

Absolutely! We offer the Nestera Automatic Door Opener as an optional extra with all their coops. Discreet pre-drilled holes are included on each coop for easy installation.

How long does it take to assemble a Nestera plastic chicken coop?

Most people manage to successfully assemble their Nestera coop in well under an hour. You certainly don’t need to be a DIY expert! We provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions with every chicken coop.


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