Thermometer / Hygrometer TP65

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Great for barns, coops, brooding houses and/or nurseries. With a range of 200ft, you can rest assure from your house that the temp / humidity within those structures are accurate each and every day. You can install up to 3 wireless transmitters. Wireless transmitters send temp / humidity readings to your base station which also reads temp / humidity levels. Rest assure that your eggs, hatchlings and adult birds have the most ideal environments. For customers looking to use in our brooders, the base station can act as a 4th transmitter allowing accurate temp / humidity records in each layer of the 15" chick brooder - 4 layer.


  • Large screen with huge digits
  • Displays indoor-outdoor temp / humidity
  • Blue backlight is bright for low light and turns off after 15 seconds.
  • Base station temp range: -4°F - 158°F (-20°C - 70°C) ±1℉/℃
  • Outdoor transmitter range: -58°F -158°F (-50°C - 70°C) ±1℉/℃
  • Outdoor transmitter distance: 200 ft / 60 m; frequency 433 Mhz
  • Humidity range: 10%-99%; accuracy: ± 2-3%
  • High / lows: 24 hours recordings
  • Battery life: 18-24 months
  • ℉/℃ Selector
  • Mount: magnetic back, table stand or back hole

Package Contents

  • 1 x base station (Receiver)
  • 1 x remote sensor (Transmitter)
  • 4 x AAA size batteries (included)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY - Must Call ThermoPro: (877) 515-7797


  • Base station (Receiver): L 2.6" x W 3.1" x H 1"
  • Remote sensor (Transmitter): L 2.4" x W 2.5" x H 0.78"

How to Sync Wireless Sensors

1. Position the remote sensor near the base station

2. Install batteries into transmitter and receiver

3. The RF signal icon (located on the upper left of the base station display) will flash

4. Wait for a moment or press TX button in the outdoor transmitter

5. The remote sensor temperature/humidity will appear

Note: Each time the batteries (either base station or remote sensor) are replaced or base station/remote sensor lost connection, make sure to follow the synchronization process to pair and re-connect the base station and remote sensor.

Note: The remote unit of TP65 wireless indoor outdoor room thermometer should NOT be placed under the direct sunlight. Otherwise, sunlight will heat up the remote sensor of TP60 wireless indoor outdoor thermometer which leads to higher temperature reading than the air temperature which is supposed to be measured.The remote sensor of TP65 wireless indoor outdoor digital thermometer must be always placed upwards so that rain won't get inside the sensor through the vent holes on the bottom of the sensor which functions to let the remote sensor detect the environmental temperature and humidity more precisely and quickly.

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Brand: ThermPro

Model: TP65



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Unit: L () x W () x H ()




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Great Product!

Amazed by how well this has worked with our set up.

Thank you for your review. The do work amazingly well - The Hatching Time Team


Works great!

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