Conturn 120 Set - Automatic Egg Turners and Hatch Baskets

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Need the egg turners and baskets for your amazing DIY incubator? Look no further! This setup boasts high hatch rates and can set then hatch up to 120 chicken eggs with interchangeable egg turners and baskets. Simply build your cabinet around the ConturnTM120 station. Your only job is to focus on the heat and humidity!

Each egg turner level holds a total of six modular standard egg racks which allow for any sized egg from partridge to duck. Concerned about hatch rates? Our turners are vibration-free to reduce any stress on the egg. Why do you need automatic egg turners? During incubation, eggs must be turned several times a day to prevent the yolk from settling on one side or the other.



Capacity figures show many eggs you can set in one batch.

Bird Capacity
Quail 216 - 312*
Partridge 168
Pheasant 144
Chicken 120
Turkey / Duck 80
Goose / Peacock 48**
 *Do you have quail eggs smaller than 15 grams? Purchase our Quail Egg Racks QT13 to increase your setting capacity from 216 to 312 eggs.
**To set Goose or Duck eggs, purchase our Goose / Peacock Racks GT03


Brand: Cimuka

Model: CNT120ST

Material: Recycled ABS Plastic

Design: Prodi TM, Conturn TM

Assembly Required: No

Recommended Location: Inside A Cabinet Incubator

Set Includes:

- Conturn TM 120 Station Frame (1)
- Conturn TM 30 Automatic Egg Turners (4)
- Hatching Baskets - CS30 (4) 
- Conturn TM Distributor Cable (1)
- Conturn TM Adapter - 10W (1)

Setting Accessories:

- Quail Egg Rack QT13
- Goose / Peacock Rack GT03

Hatching Accessories:

- Separate Hatches with Smaller Baskets CS6 / CS15

Dimensions & Weight:

Assembled Unit: L 13.8” x W 15.8” x H 21.6”
- Box: L 17” x W 13.4” x H 24”
- Weight: 14 lb


Brand: Cimuka

Model: CNT120ST

Material: ABS Plastic

EAN / UPC: 8682258030583

Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (13.8 in) x W (15.8 in) x H (21.6 in)


Weight: 14 lb


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
120 Auto turner set

I ordered the automatic turners to complete my DIY incubator project. I already have a ct60 set in my first DIY incubator and they have been working great and I expect these will be no different. Great product and excellent service!

Thank you for the review. We offer components for DIY projects - The Hatching Time Team

Love this system!

We have 1 DIY cabinet set up with this system and plan on starting on our next cabinet system soon!

Thank you for your review. We're proud we offer the most technologically advanced poultry farming equipment on the market to the DIY community - Happy Hatching - The Hatching Time Team

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