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Discover the unseen world of nesting birds with our new WiFi Bird House Camera System.

Our newly-developed Bird House WiFi Camera System allows 24/7 access to unseen, close-up HD views and audio of nesting birds in your garden. 

Quick & Easy Setup

Pair your smartphone or tablet with the WiFi camera and watch your nesting birds live or record to watch later in the Nestera app.

Get Closer Than Ever Before

The high-spec 4.0 Megapixel camera films in 2560×1440P HD color video. Get up close as your garden birds build their nest, lay their eggs and raise their newly-hatched chicks. The camera's motion sensor can be set to automatically record when movement is detected.

Watch 24/7

Night vision LEDs produce crystal clear black and white footage in total darkness without disturbing the birds while the camera's integrated, highly-sensitive microphone lets you hear your nesting birds as well as you can see them.

Connecting Generations

Easily and securely share access to your camera's live feed with family and friends, wherever they are in the world. Use a microSD (max. 128GB) to share your favorite moments on social media.

Multi-Species Bird House

Translucent windows provide optimum light levels for the camera, but do not let predators see in, while our specially designed tray keeps the camera and wires safely away from the nesting chamber.

This Bird House features an entrance hole of  1 1/3" along with removable front panel and includes optional 1 1/3" and 1 1/4" hole protection plates, making it an ideal habitat for a wide range of garden birds: Eastern & Western Bluebird, Bewick & Carolina Wren, White Breasted & Red Breasted Nuthatch, Violet Green & Tree Swallow, Chickadee and more...

Trusted by Leading Wildlife Organizations

These Bird House Cameras are supplied and recommended by many different wildlife organizations such as The British Trust for Ornithology and The Wildlife Trusts.

Bird House Cameras have also been featured on BAFTA, Emmy Award-winning wildlife documentary series, Frozen Planet, ITV's This Morning and Love Your Garden.


Brand: Nestera

Material: 4.0 Megapixel Camera

Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L(8.66 in) x W(7.48 in) x H(13.4 in)


Support Documents

User Manual: View


Questions? Contact Us

Download App

The Nestera App

Easily record and save amazing videos of nesting birds with our new app.

Get notified instantly when movement is detected in the Bird Box.

Access to the camera’s live stream can be shared securely with family and friends via the app - wherever they are in the world.

HD Bird Box Camera

Natural light during the day lets you watch your nesting birds in full 1440p HD, while night vision infrared LEDs produce crystal clear black and white footage in total darkness.

The camera's built-in microphone lets you hear your nesting birds as clearly as you can see them.

Multi-species Bird Box

Each Bird Box features translucent windows to provide optimum light for the camera while offering a natural environment for the birds.

An entrance hole of 1 1/3" along with a removable front panel and optional 1 1/3" and 1 1/4" hole protection plates (included) make it an ideal home for a wide range of garden birds, including Eastern & Western Bluebird, Bewick & Carolina Wren, White Breasted & Red Breasted Nuthatch, Violet Green & Tree Swallow, Chickadee and more.


What is the range of WiFi signal for the bird house cameras?

The range is approximately 32-50ft (15-20m) depending on the environment and the range of your router.

Test your signal before purchase: Take your phone to where you want to install your bird house; if it receives at least two ‘bars’ of WiFi from your router, then this should be enough signal for the WiFi camera.

I have connected my camera and have sound but no image...

Do some quick checks:

1) Have you left the lens cap or protective lens sticker on on the camera? (We've all done it!)

2) Are all the cable connections firmly plugged in? If these don't resolve the issue, get in touch with us and we'll have you up and running in no time.

How do I pair my bird house camera with my phone?

Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions on our Nestera Bird Cam app for iOS and Android smart devices.

All our bird house cameras include a set of printed instructions, too - which can also be downloaded from the product page.

How do I share access to my camera’s feed with my friends and family?

Simply tap ‘Share Device’ in the Nestera Bird Cam app settings and select any contact on your phone to send them an invitation. Once they’ve downloaded the Nestera Bird Cam app and created an account, you can then grant them access to your camera.

Are Nestera bird house camera systems simple to set up and use?

They sure are! No technical knowledge is required, and to make things as easy as possible, we included clear, easy-to-follow instructions with each order.

How do I clean my Nestera bird house?

Simply use boiling water to clean out your nest box.

We recommend old nests be removed from August onwards (or once you are certain the birds have stopped using the nest box).

It is best to clean your bird houses between each nest. Boiling water kills any remaining parasites.

Always let the bird house dry out thoroughly before replacing the front or top panels. It's important to never use insecticides or flea powders in your bird house.

Where is the best place to site my bird house?

There are a number of things to consider when mounting a bird house to maximize your chances of birds nesting in it. Some of the key things to consider are:

1) Direction – face your nest box between North and East

2) Shelter – avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

3) Access – ensure the birds have a clear flight path to the nest box

4) Height – different species prefer different distances from the ground

5) Fixing – tilt your nest box forward slightly so driving rain can’t penetrate the nest box

What are your bird houses made of?

Western Red Cedar!

This material is responsibly-sourced, thick, and durable providing an extremely hardy shell against all weather conditions.


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