Quail Semi-Pro Kit

Quail Semi-Pro Kit
Quail Semi-Pro Kit
Includes BYK-03-3K, CT60SH, CB25-03-2xTA
Quail Semi-Pro Kit
Quail Semi-Pro Kit
Quail Semi-Pro Kit

Quail Semi-Pro Kit

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Do you dream of raising healthy happy quail? We put together this starter kit to help people like yourself who want to have a sanitary and clean setup. Raise up to 45 fully grown quail today!


Getting Started:Ā 

Step 1: Incubating (Before hatch)

- Set then hatch up to 108 quail eggs per batch

Step 2: Brooding (FirstĀ 6 weeks after hatch)

- For the first 6 weeks, the brooders supply the necessary heat and each layer comes with starter feeders and starter drinkers.Ā You may remove the heating units earlier than 6 weeks if your chicks no longer need supplemental heat.

Step 3: Breeding (After 6 weeks of life)

- After week 6, you may move your quail to the breeding cages above for easy egg collection and manure removal.Ā 

Disclaimer: The numbers above are estimates and vary by breed and room temperatures. Warmer conditions require less supplemental heat from the brooders and could allow the birds to be moved to the quail cages sooner.Ā 


Why Plastic?

Our patented ABS plastic COMFORTPLASTĀ stackable brooding and breeding system offer a durable, safe, rust-proof and sanitary setup for easy cleaning year after year. Your birds will love youā€¦.and their new home!

Did we mention you will save money? Reduce your energy bill with an automatically regulated space heater andĀ a draft-free setup that keeps your birds at the perfect set temperature. Want more savings? Our feeder design significantly reduces feed loss inside and outside the unit, saving your hard earned money from ending up on the floor. Get started today!


Products In This Kit:

(1X) CT60SH Egg Incubator - Setter & Hatcher CT60SH

(1X) Chick Brooder - H:9.5" Double Layer Addition CB25-03-2xTA

(1X) Quail Cage - 3 Layer BYK-03-3K


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Excellent product

Excellent product. Assembly is easy - information on the enclosed leaflet is sufficient, I didn't have to watch youtube videos etc, and therefore don't understand some comments about the assembly issues. Well, some folks are challenged putting together IKEA cabinets :)
My special thanks to support team - who are very supportive and reply instantly: I had a minor incubator issue which was addressed swiftly.
Hatch rate was very good: 65% on the eggs which were 5 days in transit, shipped in Canada with negative temperatures outside.
The only complain....shipment to Canada is very expensive- open location here pls :)

Thank you for the review and for thanking our support team. We will share your comments and suggestions with our team - The Hatching Time Team

Very well priced

Very well priced for the stuff you get.

Matthew N.
So easy!

We were able to assemble everything so easily! We had one small defect that was fixed promptly when we reached out to the guys over at hatching time. Very impressed so far. We will be ordering again for sure!

Thank you for your review, Matthew. Glad to hear it was so easy to get everything assembled. Best of luck with your flock. The Hatching Time Team

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