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Conturn TM

Our egg turning systems are silent, vibration-free, and cost effective. The low-energy, 1W motor is silent & vibration-free which minimizes the mechanical stress on the egg. Further, the turners are constructed from high-quality, ABS plastic for durability and longevity. Increase your efficiency with a complete 45 degree turn! For 3 hours at a time, the egg turning system provides a full 90 degree rotation without the need for a timer.
Humisonic Ventilation by Hatching Time & Cimuka

Humisonic TM

Patented humidification technology uses sound waves to convert liquid water molecules into gas. Without the need for fans, the technology provides cabin humidification with natural air flow. This prevents humidification-induced cabin temperature differences. Models with different humidification capacities have very low energy consumption. The unit is mounted on top of the machine and does not take up much space. The unit provides external humidification from the water in the tank.
Incubation Patented Ventilation System by Hatching Time & Cimuka

HatchECO2 TM

This patented ventilation system included in our custom build incubators offers a fully automatic ventilation solution. By measuring the egg's breathing amount in the incubator, the necessary ventilation is provided at exactly the required rates. This saves up to 60% in heat and humidity. NDIR sensors in the unit measure infrared to provide very precise measurement.

Airroute Plus TM

This ventilation system provides the optimal temperature and humidity within each incubator. In 2011, when the EcoTECH environmental material and energy efficiency concept was launched, Cimuka's response was AirrouteTM Plus. This new ventilation system boasts IP55 protection against damp and dusty water, eliminates voltage drops resulting in air distribution problems, and uses a minimal amount of electricity resulting in incredible energy savings. Since 2016, AirrouteTM Plus has become the standard tech for all PD series incubators.
 DiGiFEELTM Patented Incubation Control System for Cimuka Incubators - Hatching Time


DiGiFEELTM patented incubation control system that delivers next-level digital controls, sensors and software. The patented technology in DiGiFEELTM is a concept aimed at controlling the environmental on the incubator. The focus is providing the perfect conditions for temperature, humidity, pressure, and gas by using high-tech hardware and software to control every situation.
Cimuka Feather Plucking Technology - Hatching Time

i-Pluck TM

i-pluckTM feather pluckers launched in 2014 after poultry scientists spent over 2 years in research and development. i-pluckTM brings you direct-drive technology virtually eliminating the need for pulleys and belts while providing a simple, effective and low-energy plucking experience. Not only will this save you money but prolong the life of the unit. Cimuka's variety of 5 different wet feather pluckers are suited for different sized poultry. Further, the durable feather pluckers use "food-grade" plastic to prevent rust. In unison with the 100% natural rubber fingers, Cimuka's wet feather pluckers are the most sanitary, efficient units on the market.
Hatching Time Cimuka Quail Cage Double Layer Addition front view shows feeding troughs, plastic doors with locks, roll-out egg trays. Manure trays can be seen.


Stackable brooders, grow-out pens, and breeding cages have been perfected over the last 30 years. Poultry scientists have worked vigorously to provide you with the most sanitary, stackable units around. The modular parts are easily put together and can be disassembled for transportation. Modular design means you can mix-n-match cages and brooders to create a custom experience.The unit can be power-washed and will not rust! No rust means a longer life and less disease. Stopping disease and foot problems associated with rust are our #1 concern. Treat your animals with respect and take care of their hygiene.