CT120 SH - Egg Incubator - Setter & Hatcher

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High Hatch Rates

Enjoy peace of mind with proven track records of successful hatches.

Set & Forget Design

Automation ease – perfect for busy lifestyles.

Cleaning Made Simple

Front & back doors for hassle-free access and maintenance. 

Incubator & Hatcher In One

Comes with removable egg turner trays and hatching baskets.

Setup in a Snap

Setup in 10 minutes or less. Pre-configured for chicken eggs.


Elevate your poultry breeding experience with the revolutionary Cimuka CT120SH Automatic Egg Incubator—an innovation designed for efficiency, convenience, and optimal hatch rates. This incubator is crafted for hobbyists, educators, small farmers, homesteaders and poultry raisers alike. This incubator stands out as the best egg incubator for its superior features and benefits.

Unlike competitors, the CT120SH is a beacon of energy efficiency, ensuring you use less energy while achieving remarkable hatch rates. Say goodbye to additional purchases, as this all-in-one cabinet incubator comes complete with everything you need—no hidden costs or extra accessories required.

Experience the ease of operation with our user-friendly digital incubator design. The CT120SH, suitable for various bird species such as chicken, quail, turkey, partridge, pheasant, peacock, goose, and duck, offers hassle-free setup and operation. This model can set and hatch 120 chicken eggs and the quantities vary by egg size. Embrace the convenience of an automatic egg turner—an essential for any chicken egg incubator—and humidity/temperature sensors, providing a stress-free incubation process that requires minimal effort on your part.

Enjoy the freedom to set and hatch eggs effortlessly. With a capacity ranging from quail to goose and peacock eggs, the CT120SH adapts to your diverse poultry breeding needs. The Active Periodic Cooling (APC) technology mirrors the natural incubation process, enhancing hatch rates—especially critical for successful incubation of large eggs.

This digital marvel ensures consistent temperature and humidity levels with the AirRouteTM Ventilation System, certified IP55 and dust/humidity resistant. The HumisonicTM Humidity System adds precise humidity control, eliminating the need for wicking pads or sponges—streamlining your incubation process and reducing maintenance hassles.

Monitor your incubator conditions easily with the onboard display and receive alerts through the advanced control panel's alarm function if any deviations occur beyond your preset parameters. We recommend you keep your room temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Full access from both the front and back makes cleaning this cabinet incubator a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment for your growing flock.

The CT120SH is not just a chicken egg incubator; it's a partner in your poultry-raising journey, offering unmatched efficiency, energy savings, and convenience. Upgrade your incubation game and make every hatching cycle a success. Choose Cimuka CT120SH—the ultimate solution for poultry enthusiasts who demand the best for their flocks.

Comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


Brand: Cimuka

Model: CT120SH

Material: Insulated Walls: ABS Plastic - Frame: Anodized Aluminum

EAN: 8682258010318

Assembly Required: Minimal

Recommended Location: Indoors, preferably a temperature-controlled room


- Voltage: 110 V / 60 HZ

- Average Energy Consumption:65 W

- Max Wattage: 190 W

Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (24.5 in) x W (17 in) x H (33 in)

Box: L (26 in) x W (16 in) x H (31 in)


Cabinet Size: L (21 in) x W (12.5 in) x H (23.75 in)


Weight: 38 lb

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Active Periodic Cooling (First in the market)
Most birds leave the nest, at least once, during incubation. During this time, the eggs cool down and release moisture. Active Periodic Cooling (APC) changes the temperature and humidity within the incubator to reenact the cooling and dehumidifying process that eggs would receive naturally from the mother bird leaving the nest. This unique addition to our incubators increases hatch rates. This is extremely important if you hatch goose eggs! 

Egg Turners: Conturn 30 TM
Reduce stress on your eggs with vibration-free egg turners. These calibrated turners ensure high hatch rates and use minimal energy - saving you money! 

Ventilation: AirRoute TM
Our AirRoute TM ventilation system is IP55 certified and uses minimal energy.  The system protects you from voltage changes and offers a first in class protection from dust and humidity. You can rest assure that your system will maintain the same temperature and humidity throughout the whole cabinet.

Humidity: Humisonic TM
CT incubators always keep the internal temperature and humidity to your set parameters. Our HumisonicTM System provides humidity to the incubator when necessary. Just add water to the tank up top! Also, don't forget to fill your bottom pan with water for additional support - as needed.

CT incubators offer 2 alarms:

- High / Low Temperature Alarm (Plus room sensor)
- High / Low Humidity Alarm (Plus room sensor)


To set then hatch eggs, replace the egg turners with your hatching baskets during the last few days.


Quail: 216 - 312*

Partridge: 168

Pheasant: 144

Chicken: 120

Turkey: 80

Duck: 80

Goose: 48**

Peacock: 48**


*Do you have quail eggs smaller than 15 grams? Purchase our Quail Egg Racks QT13 to increase your setting capacity from 108 to 156 eggs.
**To set Goose or Peacock eggs, purchase our Goose / Peacock Racks GT03

If you need to isolate specific eggs during hatching, place smaller egg baskets on the main baskets.

- Basket for 6 Eggs CS6
- Basket for 15 Eggs CS15

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What is included?

Our CT models include what is pictured on our product page and comes ready to set and hatch chicken, ducks, turkeys, and some larger quail eggs. It comes with our Conturn Setting trays as well as hatching baskets.

What types of eggs can I hatch?

Our incubators can hatch out Quail*, Partridge, Pheasant, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose*, and Peacocks*. If you are setting and hatching anything different than what is listed, please call our customer service line as we can help you decide whether our incubators are the right choice for you. *An asterisk is included next to the types of poultry that will require the purchase of an additional egg rack.

Do I need to purchase anything extra?

Depending on what you are setting, you may need to purchase our Goose/Peacock Egg or Quail Egg Racks, both of which are sold separately. Additionally, our humidifying unit comes with a white water filter. These are sold separately as replacement disks. Depending on your usage of the incubator and the type of water you are using, you may need to replace this filter every 6-12 months. We ALWAYS recommend using distilled water.


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews

Great product

We think so too - thank you for the review - The Hatching Time Team

Me quede sorprendido

Mui guen producto de 120 huevos encubadora de los 120 huevos salieron 117 pollos yo si la recomiendo no nesesita mucha atension todo automatico

Gracias por la reseña. Gran tasa de eclosión - The Hatching Time Team

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