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Do you offer assembly videos?

Yess, we offer dozens of assembly videos and 3D renderings. Find your product below for more information.

Can I get replacement parts?

Of course! We can send individual parts if needed. Find parts lists in the PDFs below. Then, feel free to contact us.

Can you help me?

We can talk you through how to setup your equipment via phone, email, chat or video call.

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Assembly Guides, User Manuals, Parts Lists & More (All-In-One PDF).

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- Incubators

- Chick Brooders

- Grow Out Pens

- Breeding Cages

- Feather Pluckers


CT Series (60 - 180 Eggs)

CT60 Model: CT60SH

CT120 Model: CT120SH

CT180 Model: CT180SH

HB Series (175 - 700 Eggs)

User Manual

Support PDF - Coming Soon

T Series (960 - 10,000 Eggs)

User Manual

Support PDF - Coming Soon

Chick Brooders

9.5" Chick Brooders (CB25)

2 Section: CB25-02-1K

1 Layer: CB25-03-1K

2 Layer: CB25-03-2K

3 Layer: CB25-03-3K

4 Layer: CB25-03-4K

5 Layer: CB25-03-5K

Layer Addition: CB25-03-TA

15" Chick Brooder (CB40)

2 Section: CB40-02-1K

1 Layer: CB40-03-1K

2 Layer: CB40-03-2K

3 Layer: CB40-03-3K

4 Layer: CB40-03-4K

Layer Addition: CB40-03-TA

Grow Out Pens

9.5" Grow Out Pens (GL25)

1 Section: GL25-01-1K

2 Section: GL25-02-1K

1 Layer: GL25-03-1K

2 Layer: GL25-03-2K

3 Layer: GL25-03-3K

4 Layer: GL25-03-4K

5 Layer: GL25-03-5K

Layer Addition: GL25-03-TA

15" Grow Out Pens (GL40)

2 Section: GL40-02-1K

1 Layer: GL40-03-1K

2 Layer: GL40-03-2K

3 Layer: GL40-03-3K

4 Layer: GL40-03-4K

Layer Addition: GL40-03-TA

Breeding Cages

Quail Cages (BYK)

1 Section: BYK-01-1K

2 Section: BYK-02-1K

1 Layer: BYK-03-1K

2 Layer: BYK-03-2K

3 Layer: BYK-03-3K

4 Layer: BYK-03-4K

5 Layer: BYK-03-5K

Layer Addition: BYK-03-TA

2x Layer Addition: BYK-03-2xTA

Partridge Cages (KYK)

1 Section: KYK-01-1K

2 Section: KYK-02-1K

1 Layer: KYK-03-1K

2 Layer: KYK-03-2K

3 Layer: KYK-03-3K

4 Layer: KYK-03-4K

Layer Addition: KYK-03-TA

15" Chicken Cages (TYK40)

1 Layer: TYK40-03-1K

2 Layer: TYK40-03-2K

3 Layer: TYK40-03-3K

4 Layer: TYK40-03-4K

Layer Addition: TYK40-03-TA

22" Chicken Cages (TYK60)

1 Layer: TYK60-03-1K

2 Layer: TYK60-03-2K

3 Layer: TYK60-03-3K

Layer Addition: TYK60-03-TA

Feather Pluckers

Feather Pluckers (YL)

Quail: YL-PL-CW01-Q

Chicken - Small: YL-PL-CW02-C

Chicken - Large: YL-PL-CW03-C

Turkey: YL-PL-CW03-T

Goose / Duck: YL-PL-CW03-G

Assembly Videos

Most PDFs come with helpful live assembly videos to help you every step of the way.

User Manuals

Our PDFs include guides, user manuals and parts list to make sure you're well equipped!