We supply you with graphics, catalogs & more. Wholesale & drop-ship options, volume dependent.


We are seeking partners that can store and ship a multitude of 40' containers a month.


For influencers, bloggers & online publications. Paste your unique link anywhere - it really is that easy!


Do you offer training?

Of course! Our Sales Training Program launches in early 2024 and will be a great place for anyone to learn more about our amazing products.

You will be able to join live seminars as our team goes over core product features and benefits.

This is one safe place to get all your questions answered.

Which program for me?

Retailers are physical stores that are required to order a minimum of 1 pallet per order.

Distributors are larger retailers or brands that purchase full containers of inventory at once. These partners must drop-ship local orders for Hatching Time.

Affiliates are content creators, bloggers, influencers and anyone with an online presence that loves backyard poultry! No need to manage inventory or handle customer service concerns. Simply post your link and earn.

When do I get paid?

Each program has it owns terms and conditions. For more information about each program, contact us.