Recommended Hatcheries

(Updated Dec 11, 2023)

Hatching Time specializes in the equipment and leaves the hatching eggs and hatchlings to the experts.

Meyer Hatchery

Location: Polk, OH

Meyer Hatchery has day old hatchlings for chickens, waterfowl, turkeys.

They also have hatching eggs for chickens, quail, guinea, turkey and ducks.

Cackle Hatchery

Location: Lebanon, MO

Cackle Hatchery has day old hatchlings for chickens, waterfowl, turkey, guinea, peafowl and game birds.

They also have a variety of hatching eggs and grown fowl.

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How do you vet hatcheries?

Our Recommended Hatcheries must have excellent customer care, best in class quality and ship within the USA. Oh and of course NPIP certified!

We perform continued vetting on a yearly basis. We only list hatcheries after we have spoken with them and have formed a personal connection.

For Hatcheries: If you think you would be a great addition to our list, contact us.

What if I get bad eggs?

We trust these hatcheries and know they will do the right thing for you if it is truly their fault. Please note that fertility and life expectancy could be affected by shipping time and weather conditions.

How do I order?

Follow the link from the hatchery's profile above. You will checkout on the recommended hatchery's website.