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Welcome to our Scratch & Dent Specials at Hatching Time, where exceptional value meets quality poultry care products. This unique collection features a selection of items that may have minor cosmetic imperfections but maintain full functionality and performance. It’s the perfect opportunity for savvy shoppers to secure their favorite poultry care essentials at significantly reduced prices.

Each product in our Scratch & Dent Specials has been thoroughly inspected and tested by our team to ensure they meet our high standards for operation and reliability. From incubators with a slight scratch to feeders with a small dent, these minor blemishes don't impact the product's performance but do offer you considerable savings.

Why Shop Our Scratch & Dent Specials?

  • Unbeatable Prices: Enjoy deep discounts on top-quality poultry care products. It's an economical way to equip your coop with the best tools in the market.
  • Full Functionality: Rest assured, every item offers full functionality. These products have been carefully inspected and approved for use, ensuring they deliver on performance.
  • Limited Quantities: Scratch & Dent items are available in limited quantities. Once they're gone, they're gone. Don't miss out on these exclusive deals.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: By choosing a Scratch & Dent product, you're helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability in the poultry care industry.

Whether you’re just starting your poultry journey or looking to expand your existing setup, our Scratch & Dent Specials provide an affordable way to access high-quality products. Dive into our collection and discover incredible deals on the equipment you need for successful poultry care. Shop now and take advantage of these special offers before they're all snapped up!

Please Note: All Scratch & Dent sales are final, but rest assured that Hatching Time stands behind the functionality and usability of these products.