Slat Flooring - Large Hole (Legs: Short)

SKU: PF-CH-G23-H11
Slat Flooring - Large Hole (Legs: Short)
Slat Flooring - Large Hole (Legs: Short)
Slat Flooring - Large Hole (Legs: Short)
Slat Flooring - Large Hole (Legs: Short)
Slat Flooring - Large Hole (Legs: Short)
Slat Flooring - Large Hole (Legs: Short)

Slat Flooring - Large Hole (Legs: Short)

SKU: PF-CH-G23-H11
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Slat specially designed for gamebirds, hens and breeders. Manure drops to the floor below. This slat is constructed with high-quality, durable Polypropylene plastic to create a long-lasting flooring.

Key Features

- Allows a secure foothold
- Anti-slip surface
- Promotes healthy feet
- Easy to assemble
- Easy to disinfect
- Good manure penetration


Brand: Cimuka

Model: PF-CH-G23-H11

Material: ABS Plastic 

Assembly Required: Minimal

Dimensions & Weight:

- Unit: L 19.7” x W 19.7” x H 4.33”
- Hole Size: .86"
- Weight: 2 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
jose carachure

Is super perfect for my pigeon Loft. I love this floor.

Thank you for the review Jose and for sharing another creative use of our slat flooring - The Hatching Time Team

Sarah F
Perfect for my large bunny!

Yes, that's correct - I'm using this flooring as the top of a litter box for an 11lb pet rabbit.
I ordered multiple actual litter boxes - for cats and bunnies, but the slots were all too small for my large bunny and his large poo to fall thru.
I searched everywhere and this chicken coop flooring paired with a restaurant dish tray are almost perfect! I might have done better with the smaller slats, some of his food falls thru these larger slats, but I was afraid more of the poo not fitting thru. It's gross, I'm aware, but bunnies must eat in their litter box because they eat and poo simultaneously - I didn't know this until recently adopting a bunny from the humane society.
If hatching time could couple these floor slats with their own box bottom they could easily jump into rabbit litter box sales :).
I'm glad I found their product and it's sturdy enough for my large rabbit - thanks hatching time!

Thank you for your review, Sarah and for sharing how versatile slat flooring helped with your project - The Hatching Time Team

PERFECT Solution for our custom coops!

I was SO impressed with Hatching Time's floor system in their brooders and grow-out pens that I wanted to create the exact same thing for the new coops that I'm custom building throughout our farm. I was just blown away with how easy it is to clean up the brooders compared to the traditional shaving bedding style. When I started googling a solution for a flooring system, I thought...wait let me just check Hatching Time's site to see if they sell anything like this already. To my delight they did! This is the PERFECT solution for our coop floors and I couldn't be happier! I was able to custom cut around my framing to make it fit perfectly, then threw down some plastic roll material underneath. Since it interlocks into a grid, when it comes time to clean, I'll just lift it up very simply, wrap the plastic mess up, then throw down new plastic. I'm SO happy you sell this - thank you!

Thank you for your review, Grace and for sharing how you used our slat flooring in your custom coop. The Hatching Time Team

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