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Wise Mountable Cage Feeder – 11 Lbs. Poultry & Game Feeder

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The Wise Cage Feeder is an innovative product designed by BEC for poultry and game keepers looking to increase the efficiency of their feeding regime.

The feeder features fully adjustable feed flow control. The front lip is rolled inwards, and combined with two vertical fins in the feeding trough, it is completely anti-scratch proof. The Wise Feeder also prevents vermin from accessing your expensive feed. These design features can lead to savings of up to 40% on feed costs.

The Wise Cage Feeder includes a rain shield to protect the feed and a fine dust drain in the base. It can be installed onto any cage or mesh fencing, both vertically and angled. The feeder can also be fitted to allow easy access to the feeder lid from outside the cage/enclosure, enabling refilling without disturbing caged birds. This is ideal for certain types of game birds and poultry.

The Wise Cage Feeder accepts most types of feed and is incredibly easy to maintain and clean (as with any gravity feeder, it does not work with Layers Mash, but is best with a free-flowing feed like Pellets or Corn).


Brand: BEC

Model: HABC0400AGRN

Material: Plastic


Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (5.1 in) x W (11.8 in) x H (10.2 in)


Weight: 1.6 lb


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