Wise Mountable Drinker – 3 Gallon Poultry & Game Waterer

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BEC is excited to introduce the brand-new Wise Drinker. We have designed this wall-mounted drinker following demand from our customers for an innovative drinker that will make life easier for all poultry and game keepers and will help minimize/prevent contamination from wild birds and pests. A fantastic drinker to help protect your birds from bird flu (avian influenza) and other diseases.

Key Benefits:

  • Wall-Mounted Drinker
  • Easy Access Drinker – With a raised drinker reservoir, access to the drinker is much easier for birds, leading to them drinking more often.
  • Safe Clean Water – The raised drinker prevents contamination from wild birds and rodents accessing the water.
  • Rain cover prevents contamination from falling debris and wild bird droppings, helping to reduce the risks of bird flu (avian influenza) and other diseases.
  • The rain cover will also help keep the water cool, making it more palatable for the birds.
  • The cover and design greatly improve the efficiency of medicated water by providing protection from UV light, which destroys the active ingredients. 
  • Reflective area on the front of the drinker shows the movement of water, encouraging birds to drink.
  • The main surface area of the drinker exterior is matte to reduce stress for timid birds.
  • Easy access for cleaning.
  • Versatile Drinker – Suitable for all breeds of poultry and game birds.
  • Inlet design prevents backflow of water into the tank from the drinker bowl.
  • Easy Fill – The cap is angled to assist refilling.

Brand: BEC


Material: Plastic


Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (11 in) x W (21.7 in) x H (14.2 in)


Weight: 5 lb


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