Chicken Feather Plucker - Small (1-2 Chicken)

Plucker Unit - Chicken (Small) - Hatching Time
Chicken Feather Plucker - Small (1-2 Chicken)
Chicken Feather Plucker - Small (1-2 Chicken)
Chicken Feather Plucker - Small (1-2 Chicken)

Chicken Feather Plucker - Small (1-2 Chicken)

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Enjoy quiet plucking with this rust-proof, maintenance-free, wet plucking machine. The plucker includes natural rubber chicken plucking fingers that spiral strategically inside the 17" food grade plastic drum to ensure every feather from wing to tail is plucked perfectly, without harm to the skin.

Did we mention it's rust-proof? The best part about the plastic food grade drum and 100% natural rubber plucking fingers is that your birds will be plucked in a clean environment, thus reducing any chance of damage or contamination.

No maintenance cost? The simple, yet powerful, patented motor design reduces friction within, thus eliminating the need for lubrication and expensive part replacements. The design reduces breakage within and eliminates the need for regular part replacements such as belts, gears, etc. Further, the simplicity of the design promotes cost savings by using 50% less electricity consumption that other units.

Don't forget the feather shoot! Cimuka's design includes a feather shoot for your feathers to flow easily out of the drum. To operate, use your hose to wash feathers through the feather shoot. You may choose to add a bucket or use the unit over a drain to remove feathers from your work area.


Max Bird Size: 13 lb

Plucking Time by Birds:
  • 1-2 Small Chickens in 30-40 seconds


Brand: Cimuka

Model: YL-PL-CW02-C


- Frame & Drum: Recycled ABS Plastic
- Plucking Fingers: 100% Natural Rubber

Design: iPluck TM (Wet Plucking)


- Watts: 200 W
- Voltage: 110 V
- Motor: 60 Hz
- Consumption: 1.35 Amps
- RPM: 200

Assembly Required: Yes

Recommended Location: Outside (Avoid direct sunlight to prolong the natural rubber's lifespan)

Dimensions & Weight:

- Drum Diameter: 20"
- Unit Height: 25.2"
- Plucking Finger Hole Size: .75"
- Box: L 20” x W 19” x H 16”
- Weight: 31 lb

Assembly / Parts List / Guides

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
adriana neese
does the job well

easy to put together, arrived quickly and seems to be working fine. Lightweight to carry and easy cleanup. I do like the quickness of plucking. Just did my small rooster and worked well. Would recommend to others. I really like that it is plastic and very durable.

Thank you for the review, Adriana. Glad you are enjoying the easy cleanup and quick plucking - The Hatching Time Team

1-2 chicken feather plucker works great!

The picture above of the 1-2 Chicken Feather Plucker doesn't show the correct amount of rubber fingers. The unit I just received had 76 rubber fingers which is much more than what the picture shows. In addition, the plastic drum is heavy duty, it was much thicker than I thought it would be. Furthermore, the way the unit is designed there is no way for the water to trickle onto the motor or any electrical parts, it's water proof. More over, its easy to clean and dry the unit. I wiped the top half with a cloth and pushed the cloth down and turned on the unit to dry the bottom half. Mor5eover,, the unit works, it defeathered my 4 month old cockerels. Lastly, excellent customer support, they stand behind their product. My unit was missing a finger and they sent one after being notified.

Thank you for the review, Clayton. We are glad everything worked out. We agree that this product is durable, reliable and well-built. Do know, we are in the process of updating the product photos as we have recently updated the finger layout design. - John

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