Goose / Duck Feather Plucker - X-Large (4-6 Ducks)


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Enjoy quiet plucking with this rust-proof, maintenance-free, wet plucking machine. The extra large plucker includes 188 natural rubber goose plucking fingers that spiral strategically inside the 27" food grade plastic drum to ensure every feather from wing to tail is plucked perfectly, without harm to the skin.

Did we mention it's rust-proof? The best part about the plastic food grade drum and 100% natural rubber plucking fingers is that your birds will be plucked in a clean environment, thus reducing any chance of damage or contamination.

No maintenance cost? The simple, yet powerful, patented motor design reduces friction within, thus eliminating the need for lubrication and expensive part replacements. The design reduces breakage within and eliminates the need for regular part replacements such as belts, gears, etc. Further, the simplicity of the design promotes cost savings by using 50% less electricity consumption that other units.

Don't forget the feather chute! Cimuka's design includes a feather chute for your feathers to flow easily out of the drum. To operate, use your hose to wash feathers through the feather chute. You may choose to add a bucket or use the unit over a drain to remove feathers from your work area.


Max Bird Size: 48 lb

*Weight is the gross weight of all birds combined. Birds must tumble freely inside the plucker drum. The bird can not be larger than the drum opening.

Plucking Time by Birds:

  • 6-8 Ducks
  • 4-5 Goose


Brand: Cimuka

Model: YL-PL-CW04-G


- Frame & Drum: ABS Plastic
- Plucking Finger (188 count): 100% Natural Rubber

Design: iPluck TM (Wet Plucking)


- Watts: 750 W
- Voltage: 110 V
- Motor: 60 Hz
- Consumption: 10.35 Amps

Assembly Required: Yes

Recommended Location: Outside (Avoid direct sunlight to prolong the natural rubber fingers' lifespan)

Dimensions & Weight:

- Drum Diameter: 27"
- Unit Height: 38.5"
- Plucking Finger Hole Size: .78"
- Box: L 31” x W 31” x H 31”
- Weight: 86.5 lb

Assembly / Parts List / Guides

Product Support - Coming Soon


Brand: Cimuka

Model: YL-PL-CW04-G

Material: - Frame & Drum: ABS Plastic - Plucking Finger (188 count): 100% Natural Rubber

EAN: 8682258050543

Assembly Required: Yes

Recommended Location: Outside (Avoid direct sunlight to prolong the natural rubber fingers' lifespan)


- Watts: 750 W

- Voltage: 110 V

- Motor: 60 Hz

- Consumption: 10.35 Amps

- RPM:

Finger Count: 188

Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L () x W () x H (38.5 in)

Box: L (31 in) x W (31 in) x H (31 in)


Drum Diameter: 27 in

Plucking Finger Hole Size: .78


Weight: 86.5 lb

Support Documents

User Manual: Provided in Box

Assembly Video: Coming Soon

Parts List: Coming Soon

Warranty: View


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Max Bird Size:

48 lb

Plucking Time by Bird:

6-8 Ducks
4-5 Goose


Do the feather pluckers come pre-assembled?

No, they do not. Some assembly is required but a manual is included!

Can I use my plucker for other types of poultry?

We recommend that you purchase the feather plucker for the type of bird you will be plucking the most. While you may be able to interchange which birds you will be plucking, you will not get the same results unless you purchased the plucker for that specific type of bird. You will also have to keep in mind the size of the bird as well.

Can a water hose be attached?

With our Regular-sized Pluckers, you will need a separate water hose to rinse out the drum as you pluck. However, with our X-Large Pluckers, there is a hose built in to the top portion of the drum. You can then attach your watering system to the plucker for hands-off plucking!


Customer Reviews

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Ok Plucker

Delivery and packaging was great. I would have paid extra for the fingers to be in already. They are hard to get in with my arthretic fingers. Even my son had a hard time. But we got it done. Took about an hour. The water connection has a strange thing to attach the hose. So couldn't use the water part. I used a hand held hose until I can get to the hardware store to find something to attach so the hose squirting water would help with pushing the feathers down. The turkey feathers did not come out of the shoot easily. I have a featherman chicken plucker that works better. It would be perhaps a good idea to put one finger in the bottom plate upside down to help push the feathers out.

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