Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 15"

SKU: CB40-03-3K
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 15" - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 15" - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chick Brooder Wheels - 15 inch - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chick Brooder Manure Tray - 15 inch - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chick Brooder Feeder Trough - 15 inch - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chick Brooder Light on inside - 15 inch - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chick Brooder Mats Picked Up - 15 inch - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chick Brooder Drinking Water Cups - 15 inch - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chick Brooder Heating Unit - 15 inch - Hatching Time

Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 15"

SKU: CB40-03-3K
  • Perfect for: Chicken, Goose, Turkey, Duck
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Do you dream of raising the happiest, healthiest birds? Look no further. Our patented ABS plastic COMFORTPLAST brooders offer a durable, safe, rust-proof and sanitary brooding setup for easy cleaning year after year. Your birds will love you!

Did we mention you will save money? Reduce your energy bill with automatically regulated space heaters and a draft-free setup that keeps your birds at the perfect set temperature. Want more savings? Our feeder design significantly reduces feed loss inside and outside the unit, saving your hard earned money from ending up on the floor.


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Brooder Capacity (Model CB40-03-3K) - Hatching Time

Weekly capacity is determined by your birds’ breed, required heat each week, and your brooding room’s temperature. Rearing quail or smaller gamebirds, we suggest using our 9.5" models. 9.5" Models

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Key Features

1) Hygienic Manure Trays
Deep manure trays collect droppings below. The trays slide in and out for easy cleaning. Prevent disease by having a system that removes harmful substances, like bacteria, from your chick's living space.

Manure Tray Slides Out For Easy Cleaning - Hatching Time


2) Smart Feeders
Save money with our external troughs. Our feeding troughs are fitted with red shock-proof grills that reduce feed loss inside and outside the brooder.

Smart Feeder Reduces Waste With Feed Grill Covers - Hatching Time


3) Automatic Drinkers
Reduce bird wetting with height-adjustable drinker cups that are spill-proof. This seamless drinking system receives filtered water from the refillable water tank above (5.2 Gal). This closed system reduces humidity and promotes clean brooding. Each layer includes (2) removable starter drinkers for the first 1-2 weeks.

Drinker Cups Reduce Bird Wetting and Promote a Healthy Home - Hatching Time


4) Chick Floor Mats
Anti-bacterial, non-slip chick floor mats are used for the first 1-2 weeks to make walking and standing easier. The design of the mats prevents foot and nail problems. Thats not all! Our chick floor mats absorb heat to keep your chicks comfortable during the first few weeks.

Use Chick Floor Mats For The First 1 - 2 Weeks - Hatching Time


5) 20” Space Heaters
No more red heat lamps! Our 20" automatic space heaters provide optimal temperatures throughout each layer. NOTE: Lightbulbs are only used for lighting purposes - sold separately.

Space Heater Provides An Excellent Source of Heat for Your Babies - Hatching Time


6) Insulated Design
Semi-transparent walls trap heat inside to help keep your babies at the set temperature while providing a draft-free environment. Let’s not forget that these semi-transparent walls also let in the optimal amount of sunlight and airflow for proper growth. Further, this design helps lower your electrical bill.

Brooder Is Insulated With Draft-Free Walls To Promote Perfect Temperatures Within - Hatching Time


7) Stackable Tier Design
Mix-&-match different layers to create the perfect setup.  Cimuka chick brooders can be stacked with our grow out pens and breeding cages. To create a custom tiered experience, choose from different layer additions. View Layer Additions

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Brand: Cimuka

Model: CB40-03-3K

Material: ABS Plastic


Assembly Required: Yes

Recommended Location: Indoors, Warmer than 65°F

Lighting: (3) Lightbulbs Required - sold separately (Recommend: A19 LED Daylight)

Heat: Includes (3) Space Heaters

- Temperature Range: 68°F - 104°F (20 - 40°C)

Power: 125W, 110V/60Hz AC

Dimensions & Weight:

Assembled Unit: L 38.6” x W 25.2” x H 68.1”
- Layer (Internal): L 35.8” x W 19.3” x H 15”
- Box: L 39” x W 24” x H 14”
- Weight: 91 lb

Assembly / Parts List / Guides

Product Support View PDF

Customer Reviews (H:15" Models)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Love it

My only complaint is that I have a few chickens who rough house the doors open but other than that it’s wonderful easy to keep clean and it’s awesome

Thank you for the review, Mac - The Hatching Time Team

I absolutely Love this brooder!

Hatching time really does make some amazing products. Gave this brooder a try and within 3 weeks I ordered a second one. Now I have purchased even more products as these brooders and grow out pens keep the water clean, food dry & poo free and they are super easy to clean after each round of chicks. Just spray with water and some cleaner let soak for 15 min and lightly scrub with a brush where needed then spray down with hose again and they are ready for new chicks again. So light weight I can roll them to the porch and easily lift them down one step to the ground and clean them. I was a little concerned with the design prior to getting it completely build as I thought it would be flimsy. It really isnt once its together and fortunately its light weight so I dont need to ask for help to be able to clean this.

Thank you for the review, Erin. We're proud to bring you the most technologically advanced poultry farming equipment on the market - The Hatching Time Team

Has been working well for the most part

I've been using this brooder for about 5 months now for Silkies. It has been a mostly positive experience. There have been a few occasions that a chick has stood on the waterer and drained all of the water out. It is frustrating to clean up but luckily, I have a shop vac in my garage where my brooder is. The waterer height can be adjusted, but if I move it up for small chicks then they can't reach. The feed trough is useless for Silkies until they get around 4 weeks old because Silkies are smaller and not as smart as other breeds. The little feeders it comes with are pretty useless and I prefer to use different ones that hold more feed than those tiny ones do. The heaters have all worked fine for me so far and seem to have accurate temperature thermometers. I like to use puppy pads in the manure trays for easier cleanup. I don't use the rubber mats that are supposed to be for the chicks to stand on for the first week because they are non-absorbent and it is easier to use paper towels. I wish I would have gone with the shorter 9.5" for my Silkies because the way the feed trough is designed on the shorter brooder, it looks like they would be able to use it when they are way younger. I went with the bigger size because sometimes I hatch Standard size chickens and Turkey eggs. I'll most likely look into getting a couple of addon levels of the 9.5" brooders if they come back in stock.

Thank you for the review, Joanie. We expect to have the brooder layer additions back in stock by the end of next week - The Hatching Time Team

CB40-03-TA Front View - Hatching Time
CB40-03-TA Front View of Open Brooder - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - H:15" Layer Addition
CB40 2 Section 15 inch Chick Brooder - Cimuka - Hatching Time
Chicks in Brooder - Cimuka
Chick Brooder - 2 Section H:15"
Cimuka Chick Brooder - 15 inches 1 layer - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - 1 Layer H: 15"
Chick Brooder - 2 Layer H: 15" - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - 2 Layer H: 15
Chick Brooder - 2 Layer H: 15"
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 15" - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 15
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 15"
Chick Brooder - 4 Layer H: 15" - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - 4 Layer H: 15
Chick Brooder - 4 Layer H: 15"
Girl Holding Chicken - Hatching Time

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