Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"

SKU: CB25-03-3K
Cimuka Chick Brooder - 3 layer Height 9.5 inches
Cimuka Chick Brooder - 3 layer Height 9.5 inches
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"

Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"

SKU: CB25-03-3K
  • Perfect for: Quail, Partridge, Pheasant
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Do you dream of raising the happiest, healthiest birds? Look no further. Our patented ABS plastic COMFORTPLAST brooders offer a durable, safe, rust-proof and sanitary brooding setup for easy cleaning year after year. Your birds will love you!

Did we mention you will save money? Reduce your energy bill with automatically regulated space heaters and a draft-free setup that keeps your birds at the perfect set temperature. Want more savings? Our feeder design significantly reduces feed loss inside and outside the unit, saving your hard earned money from ending up on the floor.


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CB25-03-3K Capacities

Weekly capacity is determined by your birds’ breed, required heat each week, and your brooding room’s temperature. Rearing chicken, duck, geese, or turkey? Use our 15” models. 15" Models

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Key Features

1) Hygienic Manure Trays
Deep manure trays collect droppings below. The trays slide in and out for easy cleaning. Prevent disease by having a system that removes harmful substances, like bacteria, from your chick's living space.

Manure Tray Slides Out For Easy Cleaning - Hatching Time


2) Smart Feeders
Save money with our external troughs. Our feeding troughs are fitted with red shock-proof grills that reduce feed loss inside and outside the brooder.

Smart Feeder Reduces Waste With Feed Grill Covers - Hatching Time


3) Automatic Drinkers
Reduce bird wetting with height-adjustable drinker cups that are spill-proof. This seamless drinking system receives filtered water from the refillable water tank above (5.2 Gal). This closed system reduces humidity and promotes clean brooding. Each layer includes (2) removable starter drinkers for the first 1-2 weeks.

Drinking System Provides Algae-Free Water to Birds - Hatching Time


4) Chick Floor Mats
Anti-bacterial, non-slip chick floor mats are used for the first 1-2 weeks to make walking and standing easier. The design of the mats prevents foot and nail problems. Thats not all! Our chick floor mats absorb heat to keep your chicks comfortable during the first few weeks.

Chick Floor Mats Can Be Removed After 2 Weeks - Hatching Time


5) 20” Space Heaters
No more red heat lamps! Our 20" automatic space heaters provide optimal temperatures throughout each layer. NOTE: Lightbulbs are only used for lighting purposes - sold separately.

20 Inch Space Heater Makes Your Birds Comfortable - Hatching Time


6) Insulated Design
Semi-transparent walls trap heat inside to help keep your babies at the set temperature while providing a draft-free environment. Let’s not forget that these semi-transparent walls also let in the optimal amount of sunlight and airflow for proper growth. Further, this design helps lower your electrical bill.

Space Heater Insulated by Semi-Transparent Walls For Proper Heating - Hatching Time


7) Stackable Tier Design
Mix-&-match different layers to create the perfect setup.  Cimuka chick brooders can be stacked with our grow out pens and breeding cages. To create a custom tiered experience, choose from different layer additions. View Layer Additions

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Brand: Cimuka

Model: CB25-03-3K

Material: ABS Plastic


Assembly Required: Yes

Recommended Location: Indoors, Warmer than 65°F

Lighting: (3) Lightbulbs Required - sold separately (Recommend: A19 LED Daylight)

Heat: Includes (3) Space Heaters

- Temperature Range: 68°F - 104°F (20 - 40°C)

Power: 125W, 110V/60Hz AC

Dimensions & Weight:

Assembled Unit: L 36” x W 17” x H 54”
- Layer (Internal): L 36” x W 17” x H 9.5”
- Box: L 39” x W 24” x H 9.5”
- Weight: 54 lb

Assembly / Parts List / Guides

Product Support View PDF

Customer Reviews (H:9.5" Models)

Social Reviews of CB25 Chick Brooder

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great for slightly older quail

These brooders are well laid out. Heaters function well. The mats are interchangeable (so I pull out one a week when it comes time to wean birds off heat). I find that you need to wait till at least day 5 to move baby quail into these brooders. Otherwise the chicks get stuck in the feeder tray and get too cold (and die) - they are not too smart. After day 5 or so, they are big enough to figure it out! These brooders save me a lot of time cleaning, because all you have to do is pull out black mats, spray them off, and put back in. No more messy pine shavings!

Thank you for the review, Jennifer - The white trough covers can be flipped over to close off the trough opening - The Hatching Time Team

Perfect Brooder!

We added more brooders to the farm this week. These are so simple to maintain. We used to have heat lamps which were a pain and a fire hazard. Now we don’t have to worry.


These have been the best cages for us hands down. I am super impressed with the system as a whole. So any criticism I have is minor. Assembly was a breeze. We bought three systems: brooder, grow out and breeding. Each system was a three stack. We found assemble a whole unit in just under two hours. The assembly videos on the companies website are great. I will be buying more from this company.
We live completely off grid and depend on solar/battery storage for any electrical. Even with running two incubators and these heaters, my system is not stressed! Fabulous efficiency.
- [ ] I really dislike the water system on the brooder and grow out. It is super hard to access on the lower cages for adjustment. Since it is in the back, it is hard to monitor if the birds are using it successfully. We moved it onto the side wall and it has worked fantastic. Easy viewing, adjusting and troubleshooting.
- [ ] I wish there were clear doors or grate you could snap on and off as needed for the holes where the feeders are accessed. Since you do not use these trays for the first two weeks or so, it would be nice to close them off. I have had new chicks jump out into the tray and not be able to make it back inside. We hot glued plastic cards onto the front to stop access to the feed tray. This also saves on the heat escaping. We left the sides of the cards unglued for ventilation, gluing only the corners.
- [ ] I like the mats kept in the brooder until roughly two weeks, but I leave one mat in for them to "take refuge on" for a week after I pull the first two. When the chicks are new, I top it with shelf liner for even better traction. I get no splay legs using this method.
- [ ] Two feed trays and two waterers are not near enough for each compartment. Boasting at 35-55 quail capacity during the first 2 weeks/per layer, I was filling food and water 3-4 times per day. I will be buying more.
- [ ] I really wish you could find a way to keep them stackable, but each section easily removable so you could power wash between brooding batches without dismantling the water system and prying them apart.

Thank you for the review, Stacey. We appreciate you sharing your tips and how you customized your cages - The Hatching Time Team

CB25-03-TA Front View - Hatching Time
CB25-03-TA Inside with Cover Off - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - H:9.5" Layer Addition
CB25 2 Section 9.5 inch Chick Brooder - Cimuka - Hatching Time
Front Open View - CB25 2 Section 9.5 inch Chick Brooder - Cimuka - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - 2 Section H:9.5"
Chick Brooder 1 layer 9.5 inch - Cimuka - Hatching Time
Light on inside Chick Brooder 1 layer 9.5 inch - Cimuka - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - 1 Layer H: 9.5"
Chick Brooder 2 layer 9.5 inch - Cimuka - Hatching Time
Light on inside Chick Brooder 2 layer 9.5 inch - Cimuka - Hatching Time
Chick Brooder - 2 Layer H: 9.5"
Cimuka Chick Brooder - 3 layer Height 9.5 inches
Cimuka Chick Brooder - 3 layer Height 9.5 inches
Chick Brooder - 3 Layer H: 9.5"
Chick Brooder - 4 Layer H: 9.5"
Girl Holding Chicken - Hatching Time

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