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Introducing the Cimuka 1 Layer Game Bird Brooder! Designed for the small-scale farmer, backyard bird enthusiast, educational program, or classroom, this brooder box is perfect for raising new chicks like quail, pheasant and partridge. Up to 30 Quail.

This brooder box is the perfect solution for your quail brooder, pheasant brooder, and chick brooder needs. Best for smaller chicks or baby birds that are under 5 inches tall.

With a patented COMFORTPLAST plastic design, it is easy to build and clean. The modular and stackable design allows you to mix-n-match different layers for brooding and breeding.

Boasts a generous 20 inch space heater. The brooder kit comes with a brooder light, brooder plate for chicks and brooder thermometer in the heater for a complete setup. No more brooder lamp with clamp! The automatic self-regulated heaters ensure your chicks are always comfortable.

The updated model features an easy-to-clean waste tray that is 3 inches deeper than previous models. The brooder box for chicks also includes feed loss reduction grill covers to save money and prevent feed from falling on ground.

A water tank located at the top gravity feeds water to each level, including adjustable drinkers. This baby chick brooder box also comes with starter feeders and drinkers.

The Cimuka 1 Layer Game Bird Brooder is power-washable, making maintenance a breeze. Whether you already have a baby chicken brooder, a chick brooder cage, or a larger chicken brooder pen, this brooder is a great addition with it's automation.

This brooder box for chicks indoor is perfect for your poultry brooder needs. Enjoy the ease of using this brooder's heating system instead of heat lamp bulbs, brooder heating plates, or brooder heat lamp for chicks. Those are a thing of the past!

The Cimuka 1 Layer Game Bird Brooder is your all-in-one solution for raising healthy, happy game birds!


Brand: Cimuka

Model: CB25-03-1K

Material: ABS Plastic

EAN: 8682258040582

Assembly Required: Yes

Recommended Location: Indoors, Warmer than 65°F

Lighting: (1) Lightbulbs Required - sold separately (Recommend: A19 LED Daylight)

Heat: Includes (1) Space Heaters

- Temperature Range: 68°F - 104°F (20 - 40°C)

Power: 125W, 110V/60Hz AC

Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (38.6 in) x W (23.6 in) x H (23.2 in)

Box: L (39 in) x W (24 in) x H (6 in)


Layer Internal: L (35.8 in) x W (17.3 in) x H (9.5 in)


Weight: 34 lb

Support Documents

User Manual: View

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3D Assembly Video: Coming Soon

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Warranty: View


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Weekly capacity is determined by your birds’ breed, required heat each week, and your brooding room’s temperature. Rearing chicken, duck, geese, or turkey? Use our 15” models.

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Product Support

Live Assembly Video

Parts List & User Manual


What type of birds work with this unit?

This unit is best suited for smaller gamebirds, such as quail, partridge and pheasants.

Is the flooring interchangeable or adjustable?

No it is not. The Jumbo Flooring Upgrade is only available for our Adult Breeding Cages. The floor is specifically made to avoid any leg issues with chicks.

Do the Brooders come with dividable middle walls?

No they do not. We also do not sell anything separately that can be used as a divider. Our brooders are fully open on the inside and dividers are not advised as the water source is located on one end of the cage and the chicks would not have a way to remove themselves from the heat.


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Guinea keets work well in here

So Guinea fowl are pretty different than chickens, and their wee ones even more so. This is a review for you guinea mamas wondering if this is adaptable.
Needed to make a few adjustments to the brooder for it to suit our initial (week 1) needs.

(1) Drinkers - Loved the automated drinkers attached to tubing, but mine simply climbed on them, spilling them (and of course it was constantly refilling - what a mess!) Could not take advantage of this set up now, but will as they get older.
The separate drinkers for Week 1 have been perfect.

(2) External Feed Tray
Initially, I left the feed tray on the outside as it came standard, but for Week 1 it was just too easy for mine to crawl under and get trapped or even potentially escape (daredevils!). A slat of cardboard (see pic) took care of that until they were larger.
Now feeder is attached and they are figuring it out - though some are still using it as a tunnel between brooder sections.
Again, the additional plastic feed troughs were excellent to supplant this temporary need.
(3) Door handles - our keets love trying to peck at the door handle (they love bugs, handle is green) - handle comes apart a bit easily but snaps together just as easily.
(4) Light bulb- guineas are night blind. We bought a lower wattage bulb, unscrew it at night and supplement with a night light so they can still see waterer, etc.
It's my first time using Hatching Time and what I love about them is that they not only think of, but include, the options needed as the little ones grow and their needs evolve.

I am actually on here buying more product to support our flock...look for another review soon ;-P

Thank you for the detailed review, Stephanie. We appreciate your feedback. One thing you can try is reversing the white feed grill covers to close off the trough opening - your suggestion works too! Best of luck with your flock - The Hatching Time Team


This is our second one and we love it!

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