Chicken Cage - 4 Layer H: 15"

SKU: TYK40-03-4K
Chicken Cage - 4 Layer H: 15" - Hatching Time
Chicken Cage - 4 Layer H: 15" - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chicken Cage Pulling Out Manure Tray - 15 inches - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chicken Cage Feeder and Eggs - 15 inches - Hatching Time
Cimuka Chicken Cage Door Open without Gamebirds - 15 inches - Hatching Time
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Chicken Cage - 4 Layer H: 15"

SKU: TYK40-03-4K
  • Perfect for: Smaller Chickens
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Power-washable breeding cage holds 12 - 24 bantam (smaller) chickens. A rust-proof plastic laying cage makes breeding easy and sanitary. Feed loss is reduced with smart grill feeders, water is clean due to algae-free hoses, and waste is efficiently removed from the unit by deep manure trays. Collect eggs in the roll-out trays below and enjoy manure-free eggs every time. The unit features lockable wheels, rust-proof flooring (vs galvanized wire), an injury-free design, an improved door locking system, and easy to stack modular tiers. Add layer additions at any time to expand your breeding production click here.  

This breeding pen is recommended for homesteaders, hatcheries, nurseries, breeders, hobbyist, poultry scientists, small farmers and industrial / commercial users.


12-24 Chickens, 3-6 per layer

Fits a variety of breeds: Silkie, Booted Bantam, Sebright, Belgian d'Anvers. Cochin Bantams, Belgium Bearded d'Uccle, Sultan Bantam, Japanese Bantam, Dutch Bantam, Buff Brahma Bantams & more.

Not designed for larger breeds.

Models Capacity
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3 Layer 9 - 18 View
4 Layer 12 - 24 Current


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Key Features

1) Hygienic Manure Trays

Manure tray is deep to collect droppings below the cage. The trays slide in and out with ease to make washing and cleaning easy. Prevent disease by having a system that removes harmful substances, like bacteria, from your chicken's living space. 

Manure Tray Sliding Out of Chicken Breeding Cage - Hatching Time


2) Smart Feeders

Shock-proof, red grills lay on top of removable feeding troughs to reduce feed loss, inside and outside the cage. Removable feeding troughs holds 6.5 pounds of feed. Customers claim to save 30% more of their feed with the flexible, shock-proof grills.

Smart Feeders Provide Over 6 Pounds of Feed - Hatching Time


3) Egg Rollers

The tilted, elliptical flooring delivers uncracked eggs to the roll-out trays below. Removing the eggs from the living space ensures clean, manure-free eggs, every time! Never worry about disturbing your girls to remove eggs! We all know how that can be.

Chicken Egg Rolling Out of Chicken Layer Unit - Hatching Time


4) Automatic Drinker

Refillable, 5 gallon, water tank uses an anti-algae, silicone hose to deliver filtered water through an anti-bacterial PVC square pipe to 12 steel nipple drinkers. Drinker cups are attached below the nipple drinkers to prevent bird wetting and to keep the manure dry. The seamless watering nipple system promotes the highest level of hygiene.

Drinker Cups Prevent Bird Wetting - Hatching Time


5) Elliptical Flooring

Flexible flooring makes standing, walking, spawning and mating more comfortable. This results in higher egg production rates and fewer feet problems. ComfortplastTM elliptical flooring is used, instead of galvanized wire, to create a rust-proof, safe, comfortable and hygienic environment for your chickens.

Elliptical Flooring Provides Perfect Breeding Conditions - Hatching Time 

6) Stackable Tier Design

Mix-&-match different layers to create the perfect setup. Cimuka's COMFORTPLAST Stackable System allows you to stack different layers for brooding and breeding. To create a custom tiered experience, choose from different layer additions. View Layer Additions

Stack Different COMFORTPLAST Layers to Build Dream Setup - Hatching Time


Brand: Cimuka

Model: TYK40-03-4K

Material: ABS Plastic


Assembly Required: Yes

Recommended Location: Indoors or enclosed shelter

Dimensions & Weight:

Assembled Unit: L 38.6” x W 24” x H 86.6”
- Layer Floor Space: L 35.8" x W 17.3"
- Layer Height: Front 15", Back 12.6"
- Box: L 39” x W 24” x H 14”
- Weight: 82 lb

Assembly / Parts List / Guides

Product Support View PDF

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leisha Comer
Keeps my chickens feathered feet

Keeps my chickens feathered feet clean

Leisha, thank you for sharing your chickens feathered feet are keeping clean in our Chicken Cage, and for the review - The Hatching Time Team

Matthew Lhamon
Love the layer cage!

I love this cage, makes AI and accurate egg production easier in my exhibition cochin bantam chickens!

Best of luck with the cochin bantam chickens, Matthew. Thank you for the review - The Hatching Time Team

Tony Pham
Fun Lego project for my Serama chickens

I bought also the 22" cage before. The 22" is all connect as a single large dorm room allowing all chickens mingle on the same floor. While the 15" has 3 room on each floor with a barrier wall keeping the chickens apart.

The 15", because being smaller and has the in-between- divider, are sturdier than the 22". The 22" probably has enough room for chickens to mate, but it is too tall for my Serama, I had to make a rooster bar so they could reach to the water nipple.

Overall had fun putting this together, and my chickens loved it. Way easier than building my own chicken cage and cleaner too. Well engineered! Everything fits perfectly. Very intuitive to put it together.

Thank you for the review, Tony, and for letting us know it was fun putting the 4 layer chicken cage together, and that your chickens love it. - The Hatching Time Team

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