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Embark on a journey of incubation excellence with the Cimuka HB500C, a state-of-the-art cabinet egg incubator, first of its kind in the market with its patented, energy-efficient design. This automatic cabinet incubator is more than just a quail egg incubator or incubator for chicken eggs; it's a revolutionary path to achieving higher hatch rates with unparalleled ease and automation. Best for hatcheries, small poultry operations, homesteads, farms, poultry enthusiasts and more. NOTE: Hatcher sold separately*

Humisonic TM Humidity Control: Ensuring precise humidity control, the HB500C's HumisonicTM System maintains the internal humidity according to your set parameters. Simple to use, just add water to the tank above, and for additional support, fill the internal bottom pan with water as needed. 

AirRoute TM Ventilation System: The HB500C is equipped with the AirRoute TM ventilation fan system, which is IP55 certified and uses minimal energy. This advanced system offers protection from voltage fluctuations and first-class defense against dust and humidity. You can rest assured that your incubator will maintain consistent temperature and humidity throughout.

TurnX TM Egg Turners - Vibration-Free and Energy-Efficient: The incubator boasts TurnX TM egg turners, reducing stress on your eggs with their vibration-free operation. These precisely calibrated turners turn a full 45 degrees each side, ensuring high hatch rates while using minimal energy, thereby saving you money. 

Innovative Active Periodic Cooling (APC): The HB500C features the groundbreaking Active Periodic Cooling technology, a first in the market. Mimicking the natural incubation process where birds leave the nest, allowing eggs to cool and release moisture, APC adjusts the temperature and humidity within the incubator to replicate this natural cooling and dehumidifying process. This unique feature is especially crucial for hatching goose eggs, significantly increasing hatch rates.

Advanced Alarm System for Monitoring: The HB500C features two advanced alarms for high/low temperature and high/low humidity, each with a room sensor. These alarms enable you to monitor both the internal and external conditions, ensuring optimal incubation conditions at all times. You can ditch your hygrometer and thermometer with our self-regulated egg incubators.

Versatile Capacity for Various Bird Eggs: The HB500C is exceptionally versatile, accommodating a wide range of poultry eggs. Enjoy "Batch Hatching" - this model can hatch up to 396 quail eggs, 224 partridge eggs, 192 pheasant eggs, 140 chicken eggs, 96 turkey eggs, 96 duck eggs, 60 goose eggs, and 60 peacock eggs every few days depending on breed. Simply move eggs down a level every few days.

Adjustable Egg Setter Trays: With 10 adjustable egg setter trays accommodating a variety of egg sizes, the HB500C is perfect for a wide range of poultry breeding eggs, including quail, chicken, peacock, and more. Its large capacity of up to 500 chicken eggs and adaptable tray dividers make it an ideal incubator for those who require versatility in their hatching endeavors.

User-Friendly and Maintenance-Friendly: Designed for easy maintenance, the HB500C offers front and back access, simplifying cleaning and upkeep. This feature, along with its user-friendly interface, makes the incubator approachable and easy to use, even for those new to incubation.

Patented Low-Energy Design for Cost-Effective Operation: Embrace the cost-saving benefits of the HB500C's patented technology, designed for low energy consumption without compromising on performance.

Ideal Location and Power Usage: Recommended for use indoors in a draft-free room, preferably a temperature-controlled room. Avoid direct sunlight if possible. The HB500C operates on 110 V / 60 HZ, with an average energy consumption of 135 W and a maximum wattage of 420 W. Its dimensions are L 32” x W 21” x H 58”, fitting perfectly in any indoor setting.

*If you plan to use the setter racks as hatching baskets for larger capacity hatches, tray covers need to be purchased. Tray cover (SKU: FLX35Y-K) fits on egg setter trays when dividers are removed.


Brand: Cimuka

Model: HB500C

Material: - Insulated Walls: ABS Plastic - Frame: Anodized Aluminum

EAN: 8682258010363

Assembly Required: Minimal

Recommended Location: Indoors, preferably a temperature-controlled room


- Voltage: 110 V / 60 HZ

- Average Energy Consumption:135 W

- Max Wattage: 420 W

Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (32 in) x W (21 in) x H (58 in)

Box: L (35 in) x W (21 in) x H (53 in)


Cabinet Size: L (30 in) x W (17 in) x H (45 in)


Weight: 89 lb

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Active Periodic Cooling (First in the market)
Most birds leave the nest, at least once, during incubation. During this time, the eggs cool down and release moisture. Active Periodic Cooling (APC) changes the temperature and humidity within the incubator to reenact the cooling and dehumidifying process that eggs would receive naturally from the mother bird leaving the nest. This unique addition to our incubators increases hatch rates. This is extremely important if you hatch goose eggs! 

Egg Turners: TurnX TM
Reduce stress on your eggs with vibration-free egg turners. These calibrated turners ensure high hatch rates and use minimal energy - saving you money! 

Ventilation: AirRoute TM
Our AirRoute TM ventilation system is IP55 certified and uses minimal energy.  The system protects you from voltage changes and offers a first in class protection from dust and humidity. You can rest assure that your system will maintain the same temperature and humidity throughout the whole cabinet.

Humidity: Humisonic TM
HB incubators always keep the internal temperature and humidity to your set parameters. Our HumisonicTM System provides humidity to the incubator when necessary. Just add water to the tank up top! Also, don't forget to fill your bottom pan with water for additional support - as needed.

HB incubators offer 2 alarms:

- High / Low Temperature Alarm (Plus room sensor)
- High / Low Humidity Alarm (Plus room sensor)



Quail: Set 990, Hatch 396

Partridge: Set 560, Hatch 224

Pheasant: Set 480, Hatch 192

Chicken: Set 350, Hatch 140

Turkey: Set 240, Hatch 96

Duck: Set 240, Hatch 96

Goose: Set 150, Hatch 60

Peacock: Set 150, Hatch 60


This incubator can set eggs in the racks above and hatch eggs in the basket below.

Need to hatch more at once? You can convert the upper setter trays to hatching baskets by removing the separators and purchasing Setter Tray Covers FLEXY35Y.

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What voltage is it?


Can it be powered via solar?

Our incubators cannot be powered via solar.

How does the incubator turn my eggs?

With our HB models, the setter trays are placed in an anodized aluminum frame. The frame will turn 45 degrees in each direction, slowly, over the course of one hour. Even with the tilt of the frame, your eggs are safe to set and will not fall out of the tray.


Customer Reviews

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Kaethe W.
HB 500 C

I bought the HP 500 C. The incubator arrived in a timely manner. It was package very well. Not damaged. It was a pleasure to open the Box and check everything. So I started with a small batch Of Guinea and chicken eggs and I am very pleased with the outcome, hatch rate was very good.

Kaethe, our incubators boast some of the highest hatch rates on the market. Please let us know if you need anything in the future. - The Hatching Time Team

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