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Breed Highlights:

  • Purpose: Primarily egg production secondary meat source
  • Egg Color: Brown
  • Production: 200-280 Eggs / Yr

Breed Description:

The Rhode Island Red stands as an iconic and versatile breed within the world of poultry. Known for its hardiness, exceptional egg-laying abilities, and distinctive rust-colored plumage, this breed has secured its place as a favorite among backyard flock enthusiasts and commercial farmers alike.

Physical Characteristics: The Rhode Island Red is a medium to large-sized bird with a well-balanced and sturdy build. Hens typically weigh around 6.5 pounds, while roosters can reach up to 8.5 pounds. Their single comb is a striking deep red, complementing their overall appearance.

Egg Production: Renowned for their prolific egg-laying capabilities, Rhode Island Reds consistently deliver large, brown eggs. Hens can lay approximately 200 to 280 eggs per year, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable source of fresh eggs.

Temperament: Rhode Island Reds are known for their friendly and docile nature. While they can be assertive in the pecking order, they generally get along well with other flock members. Their amiable disposition makes them suitable for both small backyard settings and larger commercial operations.

Adaptability: This breed exhibits remarkable adaptability to various climates, making them well-suited for different regions. Whether it's hot summers or cold winters, Rhode Island Reds maintain their productivity and health, demonstrating a robust resistance to common poultry ailments.

Purpose: Originally developed in the United States in the late 19th century, Rhode Island Reds were bred with a focus on both meat and egg production. Today, they are primarily valued for their egg-laying abilities but also offer a respectable quality of meat, making them a dual-purpose breed.

Care and Maintenance: Rhode Island Reds are relatively low-maintenance birds, thriving with proper nutrition, access to clean water, and adequate shelter. Their hardy nature makes them resilient to various environmental conditions, and they adapt well to both free-range and confined environments.

In conclusion, the Rhode Island Red stands out as a classic and reliable breed, combining beauty, productivity, and a friendly demeanor. Whether you are a novice poultry keeper or an experienced farmer, the Rhode Island Red is a steadfast choice for a well-rounded and productive flock.

Tracking & Pickup

If you would like to pickup locally in Anderson, South Carolina, please contact us.

Once shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. Stay up to date by regularly checking the tracking information.

Day old chicks will be delivered to your local post office. On the morning of your delivery, the local post office will call you. Please be available that day to pickup your chicks as soon as they arrive.

Care Instructions

Your chicks are arriving! What to do now?!

Before your chicks arrive, ensure you have all the necessary supplies including a brooder, feed and water. For details, view this article.

To ensure the temperature has time to stabilize, the heat source, along with water and feed, should be placed in the brooder approximately 24 hours before the chick’s arrival.

Farm Details

Farm: Stumphouse Farms

Location: Anderson, South Carolina

Diet: Non-GMO feed, bugs and greens foraged from the pasture.

About: If there is one attribute that can sum up the Stumphouse Farms mission, it is their quality. Tyler and Lydia are dedicated to ensuring each chicken on the farm lives a healthy life and each customer has an exceptional experience. In order to provide the highest quality, the standard of care for every chicken on the farm must be the priority.

Stumphouse Farms


When will my chicks ship?

Each chick order has a shipping date provided at checkout. We are committed to providing a clear and accurate shipping date for all live bird and hatching egg purchases. If unexpected delays occur, timely communication is prioritized.

Can I return unwanted roosters?

Unfortunately, no. Due to biosecurity policy, we can not accept any live birds back after they have been purchased and shipped.

Is there a minimum chick quantity?

Yes, the minimum chick quantity is 6

Can I pre-order?

Certainly! We actually prefer this. If you are interested in placing a large order, contact us and we can work out pricing.


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