T960 S - Egg Incubator - Setter

SKU: T960S
Cimuka T960S Egg Incubator - Setter | Hatching Time
T960 S - Egg Incubator - Setter
T960 S - Egg Incubator - Setter

T960 S - Egg Incubator - Setter

SKU: T960S
NEW Incubators - T SERIES
Setter Tray Type
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Our T Series incubators can be customized based on the eggs you hatch. This is important if you hatch a variety of eggs. Contact us and we will create your dream setup.

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Lead time for T Series incubator is 2 months. Upon purchase we will contact you.

This incubator will arrive on a pallet. We recommend utilizing the liftgate service if you are unable to offload large pallets yourself.

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In this setter (S) model, set up to 960 chicken eggs at a time with 12 chicken egg setter trays. Hatching something else? Let us know and we can customize your setter trays by breed. This model can also be used for quail, turkey, partridge, pheasant, peacock, goose and duck eggs.

This highly insulated cabinet incubator offers a fully automated incubation experience just up until the last few days before hatching. This incubator is equipped with automatic egg turners and humidity / temperature sensors to encourage higher hatching rates and lower electrical bills. Easily check the temperature and humidity conditions of the room through the onboard display. Cimuka’s advanced control panel even has an alarm function to alert you if the room conditions change outside of your preset parameters.


This incubator comes standard with 12 chicken egg setter trays (SKU: TR80). This incubator is designed to only set eggs. However, if you would like to operate the unit as a full setter and hatcher, choose our Flexy Egg Setter Trays (FLX80-ST) and purchase our Setter Tray Covers (SKU: FLX80-C) separately.

If you would like to customize your order, please let us know. We offer 2 options. 1) Swap to another breed egg setter tray. 2) Swap to our flexible egg setter trays (FLX80-ST) that have adjustable dividers for a variety of egg sizes.

Bird Eggs
Quail 2496
Partridge 1848
Pheasant 1296
Chicken 960
Turkey 756
Duck 756
Peacock 480


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Technology Inside

Active Periodic Cooling (First in the market)
Most birds leave the nest, at least once, during incubation. During this time, the eggs cool down and release moisture. Active Periodic Cooling (APC) changes the temperature and humidity within the incubator to reenact the cooling and dehumidifying process that eggs would receive naturally from the mother bird leaving the nest. This unique addition to our incubators increases hatch rates. This is extremely important if you hatch goose eggs! 

Egg Turners: TurnX TM
Reduce stress on your eggs with vibration-free egg turners. These calibrated turners ensure high hatch rates and use minimal energy - saving you money! 

Control System: DiGiFEEL TM
DiGiFEELTM patented incubation control system that delivers next-level digital controls, sensors and software.  The patented technology in DiGiFEELTM is a concept aimed at controlling the environmental on the incubator. The focus is providing the perfect conditions for temperature, humidity, pressure, and gas by using high-tech hardware and software to control every situation.

Ventilation: AirRoute TM
Our AirRoute TM ventilation system is IP55 certified and uses minimal energy.  The system protects you from voltage changes and offers a first in class protection from dust and humidity. You can rest assure that your system will maintain the same temperature and humidity throughout the whole cabinet.

Humidity: Humisonic TM
T Series incubators always keep the internal temperature and humidity to your set parameters. Our HumisonicTM System provides humidity to the incubator when necessary. Just add water to the tank up top! Also, don't forget to fill your bottom pan with water for additional support - as needed.

T Series incubators offer 2 alarms:

- High / Low Temperature Alarm (Plus room sensor)
- High / Low Humidity Alarm (Plus room sensor)

Front & Back Access
Full access to your incubator makes cleaning so much easier! Just ask anyone who has tried a similar setup.  We decided to design these incubators in a way that makes simple tasks just that much easier.


Brand: Cimuka

Model: T960S

Design: DiGiFEEL TM


- Insulated Walls: ABS Plastic
- Frame: Anodized Aluminum


- Operating Voltage: 110 V / 60 HZ
- Average Watts: 400 W
- Max Wattage: 1200 W

Assembly Effort: Minimal

Recommended Location: Indoors, preferably a temperature-controlled room

Dimensions & Weight:

- Cabinet comes pre-assembled. Simply attach top water tank and side humidity device.
- Assembled Unit:¬†W 32.8‚ÄĚ x D 52.7‚ÄĚ x H 64.4‚ÄĚ
- Weight: 221 lb

Assembly / User Manual

User Manual

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