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Welcome to the world of quail breeding convenience with Cimuka by Hatching Time's 3 Layer Quail Breeding Cage! Our stackable quail hutch outdoor (preferably covered and enclosed) is the perfect solution for those raising quail in their garage, barn or home. Raise up to 45 quail.

This quail pen is designed for easy use and maintenance. With its easy to clean plastic design, there's no need to worry about rot or rust like with metal and wood cages. The quail cage is also power-washable, ensuring it's always sanitary for the next batch of birds, reducing the spread of disease.

We've also introduced new upgrades in 2024! Our quail breeding cage now features removable middle walls that can easily be converted into a hutch style setup. This not only gives you the versatility of a quail coop but also the convenience of an easy egg collection system.

Quail care gets even easier with our innovative gravity-fed water system. This quail watering system ensures your birds always have access to clean water. We've also extended the removable waste trays by 3 inches to prevent waste from landing in the quail food, aiding in reducing feed loss even more.

For those of you raising larger jumbo coturnix quail, we've got you covered. The quail cage is now available with a jumbo flooring option. Additionally, our quail nesting box makes breeding comfortable.

Whether you need a quail cage indoor or a quail cage outdoor, our 3 Layer Quail Breeding Cage is the perfect choice. It's more than just a quail hutch or quail coop; it's a complete quail house. And don't forget to check out our other quail supplies, including quail egg scissors, quail feeders, quail waterers, and many more.

Join our family and make your quail breeding experience a whole lot easier and more efficient. Our quail cages for sale are not only practical but also ensure the wellbeing of your quails. Happy quail raising!


Brand: Cimuka

Model: BYK-03-3K

Material: ABS Plastic

EAN: 8682258040179

Assembly Required:Yes

Recommended Location: Indoors or enclosed shelter

Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (38.6 in) x W (24 in) x H (52 in)

Box: L (39 in) x W (24 in) x H (11 in)


Layer Floor Space: L (35.8 in ) x W (17.3 in )

Layer Height: Front (9.3 in ), Back (7.5 in )


Weight: 57 lb

Support Documents

Assembly Video: View

3D Assembly Video: View

Printable Assembly Guide: View

Parts List: View

Warranty: View


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Raise Up to 45 standard quail in this quail cage. For larger birds we recommend 3 per section. For smaller quail, 5 per section is okay.


Our quail cage collection have capacities from 5 to 75 quail.

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2023 Upgrades

Product Support

Live Assembly Video

3D Assembly Video

Parts List & User Manual


Should I purchase anything extra?

Your complete cage system will come with everything you need! However, you can always purchase an extra manure tray for faster and easier clean-ups! Additionally, we do sell extra supplies for our watering systems including tanks, nipples, and water hose!

What is the difference between the Jumbo and Traditional Flooring?

If you are raising jumbo quail, it is advised that you purchase the Jumbo Quail Flooring. This is due to the fact that the holes are slightly bigger in the floor and will allow the manure to fall through much easier! The traditional flooring will work for regular sized quail. Make sure to click the on the option you need before adding to your cart!

Are these cages predator proof?

No, our cages are not predator proof. They are best placed in an enclosed shelter or an outbuilding.


Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Pens are excellent

Love these quail pens. Easy to clean.

Thank you for the review - The Hatching Time Team

Game changer

This has absolutely changed how I raise quail. The manure trays and the design of the jumbo floor has made this a hygienic and easy cleanup.

Thank you for the review, Aaron. The Hatching Time Team

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