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Introducing our 6-liter drinker, the perfect solution for your backyard poultry needs. This high-quality drinker is designed to provide your birds with a large supply of clean water. With a capacity of 6 liters, this drinker is perfect for medium-sized flocks and will save you time and hassle by reducing the frequency of refills.

Constructed from durable and easy-to-clean materials, this drinker is built to last. The high-quality plastic construction is UV-resistant, preventing the formation of algae and ensuring the water stays clean and fresh for longer periods of time. The lid is designed to be leak-proof, keeping the water safe from contamination.

Easy to use and maintain, the 6-liter drinker is designed to simplify your backyard poultry operations. Simply fill it up and let your birds drink at their leisure. The large opening at the top of the drinker makes it easy to clean and refill.

Keeping your birds hydrated is essential to their health and well-being, and with the 6-liter drinker, you can rest assured that they will have a large supply of clean water. This drinker is perfect for backyard flocks of chickens and other poultry. It is also suitable for use with a variety of different feeders, making it a versatile addition to your backyard poultry setup.

Whether you are an experienced poultry keeper or just starting out, the 6-liter drinker is an essential piece of equipment for your backyard flock. Its durable construction, easy-to-clean design, and large capacity make it the perfect choice for keeping your birds healthy and happy. Invest in the 6-liter drinker today and see the difference it can make in your backyard poultry operations.


Brand: AYTAV

Model: 302302

Material: ABS Plastic


Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (10 in) x W (10 in) x H (10 in)


Weight: 1.5 lb


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