Quail Cage - 4 Layer

SKU: BYK-03-4K
Quail Cage - 4 Layer
Quail Cage - 4 Layer
Quail Cage with Birds in It - Hatching Time
Quail Cage - 4 Layer
Quail Cage - 4 Layer
Quail Cage - 4 Layer
Quail Cage - 4 Layer
Quail Cage - 4 Layer
Quail Cage - 4 Layer
Quail Cage - 4 Layer
Quail Cage - 4 Layer

Quail Cage - 4 Layer

SKU: BYK-03-4K
  • Raise all quail breeds, except button quail.
  • JUMBO QUAIL? We recommend upgrading to the "Jumbo Quail" flooring option.
Traditional vs Jumbo Flooring
Flooring Options
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Power-washable breeding cage holds 60 - 84 quail. A rust-proof plastic laying cage makes quail breeding easy and sanitary. Feed loss is reduced with smart grill feeder, water is clean due to algae-free hoses, and waste is efficiently removed from the unit by deep manure trays. Collect eggs in the roll-out trays below and enjoy manure-free eggs every time. The unit features rust-proof flooring (vs galvanized wire), an injury-free design, and an improved door locking system.

This breeding pen is recommended for homesteaders, hatcheries, nurseries, breeders, hobbyists, poultry scientists, small farmers and industrial / commercial use.


60-84 quail

Fits a variety of breeds: Coturnix, Bobwhite, California, Japanese, King, Blue Scale, Gambel's & more. 

Not designed for Chinese Painted (Button Quail)

Models Capacity
1 Section 5 - 7 View
2 Section 10 - 14 View
1 Layer 15 - 21 View
2 Layer 30 - 42 View
3 Layer 45 - 63 View
4 Layer 60 - 84 Current
5 Layer 75 - 105 View


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Key Features

[NEW] Adjustable Middle Walls

You ask, we deliver! This upgraded quail cage now comes equipped with removable middle walls. Easily convert your breeding cage to a community style hutch with only a few snaps. Enjoy closed walls for selective breeding or snap off the middle dividers for an open hutch style floorplan.

Hygienic Manure Trays
Manure tray is deep to collect droppings below the cage. The trays slide in and out with ease to make washing and cleaning easy. Prevent disease by having a system that removes harmful substances, like bacteria, from your quail's living space. 

Pull Manure Tray Out of Quail Cage - Hatching Time


Smart Feeders
Shock-proof, red grills lay on top of removable feeding troughs to reduce feed loss, inside and outside the cage. Removable feeding troughs holds 5 pounds of feed. Customers claim to save 30% more of their feed with the flexible, shock-proof grills.

Feeders Reduce Feed Loss Saving You Money - Hatching Time


Egg Rollers
The tilted, elliptical flooring delivers uncracked eggs to the roll-out trays below. Removing the eggs from the living space ensures clean, manure-free eggs, every time! Never worry about disturbing your quail to remove eggs! We all know how that can be.

Perfectly Tilted Flooring To Collect Clean Eggs - Hatching Time


Automatic Drinker
Refillable, 5 gallon, water tank uses an anti-algae, silicone hose to deliver filtered water through an anti-bacterial PVC square pipe to 12 steel nipple drinkers. Drinker cups are attached below the nipple drinkers to prevent bird wetting and to keep the manure dry. The seamless watering nipple system promotes the highest level of hygiene.

Drinker Cups Prevent Bird Wetting - Hatching Time


Elliptical Flooring

Flexible flooring makes standing, walking, spawning and mating more comfortable. This results in higher egg production rates and fewer feet problems. ComfortplastTM elliptical flooring is used, instead of galvanized wire, to create a rust-proof, safe, comfortable and hygienic environment for your quail.

Elliptical Flooring Provides Perfect Breeding Conditions - Hatching Time


Stackable Tier Design

Mix-&-match different layers to create the perfect setup. Cimuka's COMFORTPLAST Stackable System allows you to stack different layers for brooding and breeding. To create a custom tiered experience, choose from different layer additions. View Layer Additions

Stack Different COMFORTPLAST Layers to Build Dream Setup - Hatching Time


Brand: Cimuka

Model: BYK-03-4K

Material: ABS Plastic


Assembly Required: Yes

Recommended Location: Indoors or enclosed shelter

Dimensions & Weight:

Assembled Unit: L 38.6” x W 24” x H 64.5”
- Layer Floor Space: L 35.8" x W 17.3"
- Layer Height: Front 9.3", Back 7.5"
- Box: L 39” x W 24” x H 14”
- Weight: 76 lb

Assembly / Parts List / Guides

Product Support View PDF

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

I've had this cage in place with quail in it for a few weeks now. The feeder is great. Had issues with the quail not understanding the "push up" nipples so I ordered the 360 degree nipples from HT and they IMMEDIATELY used them. I put a piece of PVC material (actually shower backing) on the back side of the cage to keep things contained a bit more. Took out all of the divider walls. I currently have a total of 15 quail per tier and feel that is the right number. They're still in there "tight" but not PACKED tight. I am wondering what people are doing about cleaning the cage. They've only been in for a few weeks and the **** is accummulating on the flooring...not so much where they walk but the underside above the **** tray. Would love to know if there is a way to clean it while they are still IN the cage....otherwise, where does someone put 60 birds while the entire cage is pressure washed? It stresses the birds out when they're moved which means they stop laying for a few days. I would also DEFINITELY invest in a few extra trays....prep one, remove the dirty one and quickly insert the prepped one. I line mine with newspaper and then a bit of sawdust to help dry the **** and then 3-4 quick sprays of pine-sol which flies HATE (plus it smells good). Repeat daily.

Thank you for the review, Jennifer. Some customers use a small brush to knock the droppings off the underside of the floors - The Hatching Time Team

A Quail Enthusiasts Must

We love this 4-tier tower. The optional jumbo floors on the website are convenient. We use the removable dividers often. Highly recommend this layer cage setup.

Thank you for the review, and recommendation, Rachel - The Hatching Time Team

Makes having quail easy

I was so excited to find this easy maintenance cage. We just made the decision to raise quail a few weeks ago. Make sure to watch the assembly video it'll save you a lot of frustration. It took 3 of us about 3 hours to put together the 4 layer cage, it went easy once we got through the 1st layer and realized the arrows on the back of the boxed need to be lined up right or the whole thing won't fit together properly. Oh and dont skip reallyvheating the drip cups before placing them....they will break lol. We finally have our quail set up in their cages and it's so nice to have the automatic waterer, large amt of feed and the trays that collect the ****. It'll make it so easy if we want to get away for a couple days when I don't have to worry about daily care. We love it and so do our birds. It's pricey but worth every penny for the convenience!

Thank you for your review, Stephanie. Looks great and makes having quail easy - The Hatching Time Team

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