Bed Bug & Mite Laundry Additive by Premo Guard - 32 oz

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Upgrade your laundry routine and easily eliminate bed bugs, mites, scabies, lice, fleas, and their eggs from bedding, clothes, and stuffed toys.

It's So Easy: Achieve a 100% kill rate with any water temperature—cold, warm, or hot—without risking damage to your items.

Safe and Natural: The formula is safe for bedding, linens, and washable clothing, making it perfect for family and pet-friendly households. It's independently tested by university entomologists to ensure its effectiveness.

Stain and Scent Free: The chemical-free solution leaves no residues or harmful fumes, ensuring your laundry is not only pest-free but also clean and fresh. Ideal for both home and commercial use.

Proven Effectiveness: Thoroughly tested and proven to eliminate a range of pests, including all life stages of bedbugs, dust mites, and more. The ingredients are sourced from facilities certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA) and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

User-Friendly and Discreet: Easy to use with or without regular detergent.

Proudly made and manufactured in the USA.


Brand: Premo

Model: sku-39433186115752

Material: Liquid

EAN / UPC: 027132215935

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Weight: 32 oz


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