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First Peep™ by Strong Animals is an exceptional chick feed supplement crafted to foster the health and development of young chicks. Infused with natural ingredients like kelp, oregano essential oil, and prebiotics, First Peep ensures robust growth by enhancing gut health and strengthening the immune system. This special blend not only nurtures the chicks with essential nutrients but also boosts their digestion and overall vitality from the start.

This easy-to-use supplement is sprinkled over regular chick feed, making it accessible for even novice chick owners. The inclusion of attractive and digestible particles encourages consistent feed intake among chicks, vital for their early growth phases. The product is thoughtfully packaged in a 2 lb. resealable pouch, maintaining its freshness and effectiveness over time.

First Peep stands out for its blend of functionality and quality, making it an indispensable resource for poultry enthusiasts dedicated to providing the highest level of care during the critical early life stages of their chicks. The commitment of Strong Animals to natural, medication-free solutions aligns with modern, eco-conscious animal care practices, appealing to a broad base of consumers seeking holistic approaches to animal health.


Brand: Strong Animals

Model: 4108-2

Material: Feed Supplement - Sprinkle


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