Adjustable Middle Wall (Open Hutch or Divided Breeding) - for Quail Cages

Open Middle Wall With Divider - Hatching Time
Open Middle Wall Without Divider - Hatching Time
Breeding Divider for Open Middle Wall - Hatching Time
Middle Wall with Open Floor Plan - Hatching Time
Breeding Dividers Attached To Open Middle Wall - Hatching Time

Adjustable Middle Wall (Open Hutch or Divided Breeding) - for Quail Cages

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Convert your quail breeding cage to a community style hutch today! Recently released, this open middle wall can be used alone....or with the included divider to give you many options!

You asked, we deliver! No need to cut your middle walls anymore. Simply split the floor plan any way you would like.

Customer Reviews

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Middle Wall (With Optional Breeding Divider) - Hutch Style for Quail Cages

Thank you for the review, Catherine - The Hatching Time Team

Douglas Smith
Divider walls for Quail

The divider walls are a great addition to my quail setup, you can use the walls or take them out for a total open space concept. Easy !

Thank you for the review, Douglas. The new middle walls gives you options - The Hatching Time Team

Wayne Sparks
Dividers inserts for solid wall.

Well, I got the layer cage with the normal solid side walls. There are 2 side walls that are normal for this additional layer cage I ordered. Before putting the cage together, I had to see how the other detachable clip on sidewalls where manufactured that I built last month. From viewing those side walls that opened up so the Quail had more room in the cages, I noted with a black marker pen where I needed to hack saw to cut out an opening so the divider inserts I received would snap on. It was a easy task thank God. I successfully hacksawed both sections. The delivered inserts beautifully snapped into their proper position and I am a very happy camper.

My new Quail that hatched over 3 weeks ago are almost ready to go into their new home. Customer service had mentioned that there was a back order on the pre-made dividers. That is the only reason why I requested the normal sidewalls and I'd have to cut each side wall opening myself due to the timing for my baby Quails.
This cage is set to go!😆
Thanks hatching times for creating with me to make all this happen for my babies in a couple of days.
Blessings, Wayne Getty

Thank you for your review Wayne. The middle walls came from our customers suggestions. Many customers had cut out the middle walls and now are using the new divider to close off the middle walls as needed - glad to hear how you were able to customize your cage's middle walls too. We expect to have them back in stock end of May/June - The Hatching Time Team

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