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Prebiotics + Probiotics by Strong Animals is a comprehensive water additive that significantly boosts the digestive health and immune system of poultry. This product uniquely combines prebiotics, probiotics, and organic cinnamon essential oil to optimize the gut health of chickens by fostering a balanced microbial environment. These components work synergistically to increase the population of beneficial gut bacteria, which is crucial for nutrient absorption and overall vitality.

Easy to administer, the formula comes in convenient packets that dissolve easily in water, making it straightforward to ensure that every bird receives the necessary dose. Each packet is designed to treat a gallon of drinking water, catering to poultry at any stage of life, from chicks to mature birds. This promotes not only healthy digestion but also robust immune responses, crucial for the well-being of backyard flocks.

Ideal for poultry owners looking for natural solutions to enhance their flocks' health, Prebiotics + Probiotics supports a healthy digestive system, which is essential for optimal growth, feather health, and egg production. The inclusion of cinnamon essential oil not only adds antibacterial properties but also makes the water more palatable to poultry, encouraging better hydration. 

Strong Animals’ commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients is evident in this product, aligning with sustainable and holistic poultry management practices. This product is a testament to their dedication to providing poultry enthusiasts with reliable, natural health solutions that support the longevity and happiness of their birds.


Brand: Strong Animals

Model: 4135-30

Material: Water Additive


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