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Preen Queen™ by Strong Animals is an exquisite dust bath additive specifically formulated to enhance the grooming routine of chickens. This product combines the natural absorbing power of zeolite and diatomaceous earth, which work together to remove excess oils and moisture from feathers, keeping them clean and lustrous. Additionally, it is infused with organic peppermint and citronella essential oils, which not only provide a refreshing fragrance but also offer a calming effect, making the dust bath a more soothing experience for the chickens.

Packaged in a convenient 5 lb. canister, Preen Queen™ includes a handy scoop for easy application. Chicken owners can simply sprinkle the powder into their existing dust bath areas, integrating it seamlessly into their birds' natural behavior of dust bathing. This additive not only promotes cleanliness and feather health but also acts as a form of natural pest control, thanks to the properties of the essential oils.

Ideal for poultry enthusiasts who prioritize the welfare and hygiene of their flock, Preen Queen™ elevates the standard dust bath into a luxurious, spa-like treatment that chickens enjoy. This product underscores Strong Animals' commitment to providing natural, effective solutions for animal care, aligning with eco-friendly practices and the holistic health of backyard poultry.


Brand: Strong Animals

Model: 4138-5

Material: Dust Bath Additive


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Weight: 5 lb


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