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This stainless steel nipple is coated with ABS plastic for durability and longevity. The automatic nipple style ensure clean drinking water. Due to the 360 degree nature of the nipple, birds can peck from all sides for optimal intakes. Popular for use in DIY chicken drinkers setups. To use, bird must peck at nipple to release water. Suitable for backyard farmers, homesteaders, hatcheries, and broiler houses.

Free-Range Drinker Setup Guide - Hatching Time


Brand: Cimuka

Model: NP-01-360

Material: Stainless Steel

Rate: .7-.8 ml / min

Dimensions & Weight:

- Unit Size: 10 mm 
- Required Hole Size: 8.8 mm
- Weight: .8 oz

Brand: Cimuka

Model: NP-01-360

Material: Stainless Steel

EAN / UPC: 8682258060696

Dimensions & Weight

Unit: L (10 mm) x W () x H ()


Weight: 0.8 oz


Customer Reviews

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I bought the 4 tier quail cage which came with water rods with nipples. However, the style that was included with the cage were "push UP only" and from one direction (directly underneath). I tried for FOUR days to get my quail to drink from them and it just wasn't working at all! They would peck at it from all angles EXCEPT directy underneat and got zero water. I knew they weren't getting any because there wasn't the standard drinking motion AND more than a 5-6 times a day I would go out and show them how to work it and they all ran to the water when I released it (if only 1-2 came then obviously the others weren't thrist but to have ALL of them run to get water meant NONE of them were getting water). Finally broke down and ordered these. You can push from left, right, back, front or underneat and it releases water. The minute they were installed all of my quail were successfully drinking from them and visually obtaining water. I have no idea why these don't come standard with the cages. (Hatching time suggestion.....add these as "standard" with the water rods) No learning curve needed.

Thank you for the review, Jennifer. We are so glad they worked - The Hatching Time Team



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